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12 new Stegu collections!

The Stegu brand products have accompanied us for years, so we are happy to announce the next update. This time, 12 new collections have been added to the database, detailed descriptions of which can be found below. It is worth taking a closer look at them.


Monsanto is an innovative product on the market of decorative tiles. The system without fugues, i.e. a unique brick-like tile structure with a ready fugue, guarantees quick and easy assembly. The fugue in a different colour than the tile is a tribute to the authenticity and visual simplicity of the demolition brick. Monsanto brick tiles are perfect for the facade, as well as in the living room or in the anteroom. Concrete lining Monsanto is an interesting decorative element, which finds in every architectural style.

The tiles are available in red and beige with gray fugue. The offer also includes corners (right and left).


The distinctive AMSTERDAM tile structure imitating handmade stone is an interesting supplement to the elevation. You can arrange it with both, fugue and without, achieving in both cases a beautiful drawing of the stone. Subdued colours in shades of beige and gray are undoubtedly another advantage of a frost-resistant Amsterdam tile, which will also be used in the interior.


BOSTON brick tile is an innovative product on the elevation lining market – tile combined with fugue. Its main advantage is the extremely simple and quick assembly, which does not require grouting. Boston hit the tastes of those who, in addition to good design, also put on the functionality or resistance of products to external factors such as frost or moisture. These tiles are also combined with fugue, but they are concrete, so they will be an unusually representative facade finish. Thanks to the fact that they fit well into the trends, they can also be used in the interior of the apartment.


Frost-resistant ARUBA brick tiles have their own unique character, the surfaces finished with them delight with the structure and the play of colours. The tile is a real incarnation of a natural old brick. A wide range of shades allows for the perfect selection of Aruba for the interior, elevation and fencing. The timelessness of the brick confirms its versatility of the arrangement – from the Scandinavian style, through classic to chabby chic or vintage.


The tile faithfully reflects the appearance of the shuttering board used in construction to create, among others solid and durable wooden constructions. The structure of natural wood and an irregular edge combined with a harsh colour scheme create a unique atmosphere in the room, directly referring to the industrial style. In addition, small pitting on the surface resembling a concrete texture emphasizes its minimalism. Constructo as a gypsum tile is light and easy to assemble.


Diamante Stones concrete architectural tile is distinguished by a diamond shape and a fanciful cut, giving it a three-dimensional effect. Its name brings to mind not only diamonds, but also an Italian, artistic town. In Diamante, the walls of the houses are covered with murals. The play of words and associations is partly inspiration. We can treat the wall in our home as a space dedicated to art and imagination. Diamante architectural tiles can be arranged like puzzles on the whole wall surface, enjoying an interesting 3D effect and the play of lights and shadows. In addition, Diamante architectural tiles can act as individual elements, accidentally scattered on a wall or pattern laid out as a contemporary Wall decor. Tiles arranged identically – one on the other – create modernist, architectural spaces. Diamante concrete architectural tiles are resistant to dirt and damage. Their neutral, grayish colour perfectly matches the interiors in industrial, modern and eclectic style.


Frost-resistant COUNTRY brick tiles are imitations of old Belgian bricks. Thanks to the special production technology, each of the COUNTRY tiles has its own unique character, the surfaces finished with them delight with the structure and the play of shades of colours.


Malmo is a brick with rounded edges, available in whitewash brick and classic russet with white and gray discolourations. The tile contrasts nicely with monochromatic surfaces and modern high-gloss furniture, clear glass and metallic details – typical of the modernist style.


TOKYO Stones hydrophobic gypsum boards are architectural panels with a raw concrete structure. Elegant satin texture is varied with many pits and pores. The unique combination of materials makes TOKYO boards both lightweight and durable. This greatly facilitates assembly on large surfaces, which is an advantage for traditional architectural panels made of concrete. The enrichment of TOKYO Stones with a hydrophobic coating is a nod to improve the usability of architectural panels. Thanks to the use of a hydrophobic coating, TOKYO tiles can be cleaned of any type of contamination, without fear of stains, smudges or discolouration.

The classic design of TOKYO Stones allows you to arrange the interior in virtually any architectural style. They will add subtleties to industrial interiors, while traditional ones – modernist claws.


The harmony and durability of concrete combined with the distinctive structure so characteristic of natural wood is the quintessential of Timber tile. An excellent marriage of modernity with classic matter will enrich both the interior and the elevation. Made with extraordinary precision and attention to the smallest detail – Timber concrete board, it captures the finest visual nuances of natural wood, including subtle knots and light roughness.


Windsor brick-like tile is an innovative product – a tile combined with a fugue. Its main advantage is the extremely simple and quick assembly, which does not require grouting. The brick structure and minimalist colours will emphasize the architectural shape of the building and create an interesting texture on the wall, especially in rooms that require strong decorative accents.


Oxford tiles are stand out by a narrow edge, which has the function as a grout. Thanks to it you can get the effect of densely arranged bricks. The porous surface of the tile gives it the character of brick chewed by the tooth of time. It will complete the cozy and spacious interior referring to the chilly, atmospheric and hospitable atmosphere of the North, characterized by the purity of form and muted colours: white, gray and brown.

For more check out Stegu website .

The STEGU database is distributed with the CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens programs with the Ceramic Tiles Modules. You can also download it using the online updater or by clicking the link below.

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