2019 April

instal projekt mini
Instal projekt – modern and elegant heating

Each of us needs a bit of warmth, and when the temperature outside the window falls below zero, more heat is needed. In this situation, the products of the Instal – Projekt brand will be invaluable. We have just prepared an update of the database in which there are central heating radiators, dryers and electric heaters. That it would be warm.

EGEN zajawka z logo 2019
Egen – 20 years on the market – database update

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the latest offer of EGEN. This year, the base has been expanded by several dozen items, including ceramic tiles in the formats: 60×60, 75×75, 80×80, 30×90, 45×90, 40×120, 60×120, 120×120 and 120×240 cm as well as decorative slats made of stainless steel.