2020 May

Polish Artists – the real world and its dark visions!

In modern visual art, using a computer can be dangerous. Inexperienced artists, stunned by the ease of creation, begin to get lost. They fall into kitsch or pathos. They spoil the opinion of computer graphics. Jarek Kubicki restores balance by giving sensitivity lessons. His work gives meaning to hundreds of millions of images on the web.

The luxury brand ElitStone in the base of 3D models

The Elite offer has been expanded with further bathroom equipment products: shower trays, suspended bowls, consoles, the ElitStone brand, and new bathroom furniture collections. The update includes over 200 indexes, including ElitStone consoles and shower trays, which distinguish and refresh the offer in response to current market trends.

grafika_Cad Projekt_kolekcje 40x120
The unique format, interesting design, deep structures – new collections in Opoczno

The latest proposals from the Opoczno brand are refined motifs of the ceramic tile collection inspired on the one hand by natural stone drawings in delicate colors, and on the other by bold colors – a strong stone garnet with strong veins or saturated green of the Amazon jungle. The nature of the collection means that they can be successfully used in any bathroom regardless of its size, each time giving the impression of spatial elegance.