2020 November

Konskie Ceramics – botanical prints

Botanical prints, raw minimalist concrete, classic white in combination with a wood-like French herringbone pattern create the basis for unlimited interior design possibilities. Create your dream living room, bathroom or terrace spaces while enjoying the timeless design.

Sunerzha – stainless radiators

Workmanship, design and functionality. Novelties in the offer: RENESANCE radiator in the everlasting Retro style, KADRO radiator in a classic rectangular shape, control valves in two designs, electronic heaters with regulation and a timer function, check out the new products in the offer of 3D models.

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EVO Ceramika – tiles inspired by nature

The timeless charm of wood-inspired tiles and the design directly imitating the pattern of stone and marble, combined with a large format, is one of the most desirable methods used in interior design.

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Paradyż My Way – new collection

Surprise your customers with new possibilities and add style to their interior. Modern decors with glass elements, metallic, pearl or mirror finishes will surely add class. Among the 8 new collections you will also find the most fashionable patterns of wood, cement and natural stone combined with dark navy blue and deep green.