2021 February

We know the winners – Tubądzin Design Awards 2020!

The Grand Prix MONOLITH 2020 in the Tubądzin Design Awards was received by Łukasz Gąska and Marta Sowińska-Gąska, from the Gąska Studio design studio. Their project #azyl delighted the international jury with innovative thinking about design and the role of architecture.

Pearl competition for designers to start!

Recently, probably each of us appreciates freedom and a little breath … Therefore, the design task in this year’s “Competition for architects and interior designers – CAD Decor program users” is full freedom, and the only requirement is to use at least one collection of tiles awarded in the PEARLS of CERAMICS EU 2020 competition. You have time for this task until the end of March, and you can win specific cash prizes and trainings.

further updates
Important service message regarding the latest updates

After updating the software to version 3.2 / 7.2, we received a number of reports, to which we immediately responded by making the necessary improvements. Nevertheless, our technical support still receives reports of problems that have already been fixed, and solutions have been made available to our customers via a internet updater.

OLTENS – design and technology!

OLTENS is a supplier of comprehensive bathroom equipment. It offers ready-made, good-quality concepts for bathrooms, which impress with their design, referring to Scandinavian peace and harmony. The idea of OLTENS is to enable simple and quick creation of a bathroom in which the customer will feel good.

Bravat style novelties

We are not slowing down! We are constantly creating new surprising bathroom proposals. Inspirations, designs, the highest quality materials and completely unique products. Unique. The base of Bravat products has been expanded with many new, innovative solutions.