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3D Models „Designers selection – vol. 4”

Interior design is a never ending journey through the imagination. Every day, the market is flooding us with new products. Some of them disappear as soon as it appears, others are recorded in history. A wide range on the one hand is very beneficial, because it greatly facilitates working with clients, especially those whose requirements are very large. However, there is the other side of the coin. Often finding something that is both well-made, aesthetic and useful borders on a miracle. That is why we have established the 3D Model Bank, to which anyone can add an item of equipment, which after voting, is drawn by our specialists. Thanks to this, we are made only those models that you really care about.

Designers selection vol. 4 is more than 530 models, which were created in 2017. We have drawn many new chests of drawers, couches, chairs and accessories. There were also bathroom and office furniture. Special attention deserves the rich selection of brands such as Hamptons, Primavera, Home. IKEA or Umbra, creating interiors in the Scandinavian style. Also a large selection of lamps – among others Nowodvorski or Shilo and and a wide selection of upholstered chairs. The database is available in Polish and English.

The database is available free of charge to customers who regularly pay for the service package. It can be downloaded by online updater.

Base can be purchased at a promotional price of 50 EUR until February 14, 2018. After this time, the standard price is 100 EUR.


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