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3D Models „Designers selection – vol. 5”

We have just finished working on the 5th volume of the Selection of Designers database. We would like to thank everyone who added models and voted for the last year – without you this database would not have been created. We are pleased to have gathered 675 best-rated models. We are convinced that the design will become even more pleasant, because apart from standard, popular solutions, the proposals included such pearls as Saba, Elysia and Plums armchairs, an eye-catching Moon mirror and a delightful Oak mirror. The interior elements such as the Collins Bar Chair or the Avon chest of drawers made by the Estonian brand Woodman will surely catch the eye.In your proposals there is also more and more fashionable art deco. We are happy to observe further visualizations, in which regular, geometric shapes are pleasing to the eye.

The database is available free of charge for customers who regularly pay for the service package and can download it through an online updater. It can be downloaded in both Polish and English language versions.

The database can also be purchased, at a promotional price of 199 PLN, until 31 January. After that time the standard price is 350 PLN.

The Designer’s Choice database volume 5 is distributed together with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens and is available free of charge for designers with an active service package. It can also be downloaded in real time by using the internet updater or by clicking on the link in the newsletter.

Customers who are interested in purchasing the database and do not have an active service package are welcome to contact our sales department.

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