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A new tailor-made kitchen base

The new kitchen base is created by our draftsmans, in accordance with the suggestions that we collected from you some time ago by phone and by the survey from February 2020. Your comments on the development of the program from the beginning of 2021, however, encouraged us to make a thorough correction.

We are currently carrying out intensive work on its verification in terms of replacing the bodies, new fronts and handles. That is why we are starting our new project, in which interior designers will be able to add their proposal for new fronts and handles and vote for their favourite items. Everything will work similarly to the well-known Bank of 3d Models on our website, and the result will be a new kitchen base with the reported and most popular proposals.

Please note that this is only available in the Polish language version.

Detailed information can be found on the special website, linked below. It is worth writing down this subpage and getting involved in creating a new kitchen base, tailored to your needs 😉 You have time to add your proposals and vote for specific fronts or handles by the end of May, so that we can take care of your applications and provide you with a new kitchen base as soon as possible.

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