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A wide range of new inspirations from Tubądzin Ceramics

Ceramika Tubądzin has expanded its offer with new, inspiring collections of tiles in 30 x 75 and 33 x 90 formats. Each collection is a different idea for a stylish interior – whether filled with ephemerality and discrete patterns, or with a more expressive, determined design.

The Tubądzin Ceramics collections in 30 x 75 cm format are six fascinating compositions, which will work well in various types of interiors.

Mild Garden captivates with its delicacy and watercolour drawings of flowers. It is a subtle, feminine and idyllic reinterpretation of the English aesthetic – a combination of classical and romantic style. Maintained in shades of green and navy blue, the My Tones collection brings peace and harmony to the interior. Allowing you to breathe in an elegant, subtly shimmering space. Inspired by the movement of air, the Brass collection delights with its soft design in natural earthy colours. Goldgreen is in turn a fascination with ethno and an idea for a colourful interior with soul. The Dots collection changes the image of classic terrazzo, introducing an element of play with colour and form. Those who love intriguing black and noble, sophisticated interiors will like Modern Basalt, a collection full of contrasts.

The 33 x 90 cm collection is inspired by nature, its vibrancy and harmony, as well as by the fascination of the urban fabric and applied arts. Among the novelties there is also a contemporary version of terrazzo, which combines the taste and style of Italy.
The Coma collection, referring to the drawing of noble onyx, will introduce a holiday, seaside atmosphere, based on the colour balance of white and navy blue. Elegant, dark marble combined with shiny copper in the Brainstorm collection is a way to create a timeless arrangement with character. Curio will be perfect for interiors in the mid-century modern style. It is a proposal for those who like a retro atmosphere and a combination of industrial design and traditional craftsmanship. Grunge will be appreciated by lovers of industrial design and art déco style. The Macchia collection, on the other hand, captures the classic Italian beauty of terrazzo floors and presents them in a modern form, in a Mediterranean colour palette.

For more information, visit the producer’s website.

Tubądzin Ceramics database is distributed together with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens with Ceramic Tiles Design Module. It can also be downloaded on an ongoing basis using the online updater or by clicking the link below.

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