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Bathroom with Elita 2020- Results

The second edition of the competition organized by the Elita company has been adjudicated. This year’s edition attracted many experienced designers and architecture students, whose works were admired by the competition jury, selecting the best of the best.

The last update of the database of CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor, CAD Kitchens and the newest collections of Elita 2020 tiles provided the participants with many opportunities. Among the works, we could observe inspirations with many styles, from the urban minimalism full of concrete, gray and glass to full of wood, warm arrangements of bathroom bathing rooms. The competition arrangements also included patterns and green motifs, which have dominated the interior design market in recent years, creating home oases for us.

We are very happy with such a large participation of all participants, who every year more and more willingly take part in the project competition, fighting for interesting prizes!
This year, the main laureate and thus the winner of PLN 2,500 and a yearly license of the CAD Decor PRO 3.X program was Karolina Szymańska – 1st place, who was delighted with the combination of stone, gold and structural tiles. The next places were taken by Alicja Kilianek, 2nd place, and Samanta Michalewicz, 3rd place.

Congratulations and we encourage everyone to participate in the next editions of the competition.

The next edition of the “Bathroom with the Elite 2020” competition has ended! This year’s competition task was to design a bathroom using products from the Elita offer, in one of our programs: CAD Decor PRO or CAD Decor.

The following criteria were important when evaluating the Projects: timely submission, compliance with the subject of the Competition, compliance with the current trends, originality of the project, quality of workmanship, functionality, creativity and aesthetic values.

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