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Best Project Contest 2018 finished!

The Best Project Contest 2018 competition organized by our Partner – LUG Light Factory for the third time attracted interesting and brave projects, both in the design and realization category. CAD Projekt K&A again supported this initiative as a Partner, and our sympathy was received by the INTERIOR category. In this category, we have received the most competitive projects and with these projects, the jury debated the longest, which is an additional motivation for us.

The subject of the competition in the INTERIOR – Concept category was the preparation of any interior design using LUG luminaires and the FLASH & DQ collection. Contest participants could also use any software and work tools. At the same time, it was possible to compete in the INTERIOR-realisation or ARCHITECTURE category – whose patron was BIM Object. The works were sent by the end of October, and the Jury met for a discussion in half of November.

The meeting at the LUG headquarters with the Organizers, Partners, architects Ewa Czerna (Czerny Design) and Józef Franczok (PORT Architekci) and Adam Kisiołek (Builder monthly) was a special and very pleasant experience for us. The Jury deliberations were conducted in a creative and sincere atmosphere. In all categories there were projects in which the jury was in consensus, some aroused other emotions, and we had to debate for a long time over some. In any case, the discussions were extremely inspiring.

Projects for which we were in agreement and we had equal recognition, were in first place in all categories of the competition. Unbeatable project: Lewicki Łatak Project Office for the realization of the 100th anniversary of Cracovia Hall 1906 in the ARCHITECTURE – Realisation category, conceptual design of Artur Gala’s residential building in the ARCHITECTURE – Concept category, realization of the Komina Center and Stone Center showroom in Zielona Góra by the Bilar Architectural Studio INTERIOR – Realization and house design with Agnieszka Rogowska mezzanine in our INTERIOR – Concept category. You can find the substantiations and designs on the competition website.

The house with mezzanine by Agnieszka Rogowska was the greatest discovery for us, the design of the non-obvious interior with a unique style. Creating a minimalist interior in such a warm instalment is an extraordinary skill and architect’s workshop at the highest level. The next places on the podium in the INTERIOR – Concept category also delighted with the concept and bravery in relation to the interior design matter. The second place went to Marta Ciesielska for the LUG flat project, and the third to Flavi Kloss Architecture and Interiors for the Business and Creativity Center project for Young Entrepreneurs.

There were also a few projects that we could not pass by indifferently, although they were not on the podium. Realization of the Municipal Cultural Center in Myszków PROJECT PLUS ARCHITECTS aroused sympathy of the whole jury, we were captivated by how small element, here the use of skylights in the floor, can affect the reception of the entire building. Its revitalization was carried out very progressively from the beginning to the end.

As we have already written, the INTERIOR – Concept debates were the longest, but not only because of the number of competition projects but also their high level. As far as the 1st and 2nd place we chose as quickly as possible, the third place was already very balanced “fight”. Therefore, we decided to distinguish four interior designs:

• ARTchitektura Michalewicz – for the Bistro project and a house project on the coast,
• Paweł Klamanna – for the interior design of the newly built semi-detached house,
• Katarzyna Jacek, Monika Kubica – for the design of a loft-style apartment.

And here is a curiosity that stimulates us to further development and hard work. Both Samantha Michalewicz’s designs – ARTchitektura Michalewicz were made in our latest and most innovative program for designing, visualization and interior valuation – CAD Decor PRO 3.0, although this program will appear on the market on 25 October 2018! Mrs Samanta, not only greatly coped with the competition task, but also quickly mastered our latest product. Therefore, we put special congratulations and thanks!

Congratulations are due to all awarded and distinction and all contestants who have involved in this creative competition. Your work has opened our eyes to many aspects of interior design and buildings and will inspire us for many months.

Congratulations and thank you!

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