CAD Kitchens 7.X


onvenient tool for designing, documentation and pricing, dedicated to carpenters and custom-made kitchen designers. It offers unique autogeneration and 3D modeling functions. It contains numerous bases for cabinets and household appliances, furnishings, materials and textures. It’s also a flexible system that is compatible with add-on modules: module for creating and editing your own cabinets and CAD Cut. Although first of all, it will be interested in people looking for an effective and simple program for designing and arranging the kitchen, its flexibility allows you to design other interiors.

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Why CAD Kitchens 7.X?

  • interactivity of the designing process modularity of the system – available optional modules: Cabinet Design and Edition, Ceramic Tiles Design, Tile Database Editor, Render PRO Module and CAD Cut
  • in the latest version of the CAD Kitchens you can use most of the interior databases, assigned only to the CAD Decor (nearly 50 bases!)
  • in the latest version of the program the visualization interface has changed: in the top menu we have added the documentation and quick-save icons; in the left panel there are four tabs with lists of materials and light sources as well as rendering and presentation options; a completely new right panel is responsible for giving material and light properties and stage settings; in the lower menu, previews of materials from the currently selected collection and thumbnails of views saved on the disk are displayed
  • wide range of designing and edition features– various options of drawing and editing walls, creating 3D elements based on user’s own templates, diverse drawing tools, easy-to-use functions of inserting and editing kitchen cabinets and household appliances, slats, typical and untypical worktops
  • multiple databases of 3D models of kitchen cabinets, household appliances and interior equipment, universal and by renowned producers
  • option of building your own database of 3D models using Converter 3D, which converts models created in other CAD programs to our own DWX file format
  • rapid generation of detailed kitchen valuation reports and professional documentation
  • optional Ceramic Tiles Design Module offers useful functions of tiles application and edition,
  • optional Tile Database Editor enables to create your individual database of tiles and other coverings using picture files
  • specialized Tikkurila Paints Module offers options of selecting decorative paints and other coatings and generating detailed valuation reports of used products
  • new technical documentation is the precision and flexibility of project presentation: it can contain any number and types of pages that can be edited, add wall projections and sections, projections, tables, images, comments, legend and display textures of objects
  • advanced visualization panel in which all decorating works are proceeded: application of textures and finishing materials, attribution of various properties to selected objects (reflections, gloss, transparency or light emission effects)
  • high quality of lighting and rendering effects ensured by Bump Mapping and Ambient Occlusion algorithms
  • wide range of options of light edition and IES light distribution patterns with results presented in real-time
  • free access to the BASIC account in the CAD Share-it mobile application for on-line project presentation: 100 MB of server space with a monthly limit of 200 downloads and without any exchange limit (for customers with active Service Package)
  • modern creation of the designed interior: visualizations, animations, movies in AVI format in full HD, mobile panorama 360° CAD Share-it
  • for the latest version of the CAD Kitchens 7.X, an additional visualization tool is available – Render PRO module
  • options of visual documentation: illustrations in 3x Full HD and AVI videos in Full HD
  • optional modern visualization tool the Render PRO Module provides algorithms of Global Illumination to ultimately improve the look of your projects in visualization
  • ability to create simple 3D animations with the Export 3D module, which can then be published online using the CAD Share-it Mobile App (for customers with active service packs)
  • our service package: free service maintenance, internet updates and access to new producers databases – free of charge for a period of one year with a possibility to extend it for following years, the ability to use CAD Share-it application and access to free universal databases
  • the program is also available as CAD Kitchens MAX – a comprehensive system that includes CAD Kitchens with additional modules: Cabinet Design and Edition and CAD Cut. This version is especially useful for independent manufacturers of kitchen furniture, because it offers a possibility of creating user’s own untypical cabinets and automatic generation of the optimal cutting pattern of the material.

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Here we present some visualizations made in CAD Decor PRO program. Both our favorite projects and those chosen from the designers gallery.