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CADURA – a new line of SanSwiss shower cabins

CADURA is a new line of SanSwiss shower cabins combining sophisticated design and ergonomics of details, the highest quality of materials and new functionalities. It is a modern, original design as well as an ergonomic and extremely modern handle. 6 mm tempered glass enriched with AQUAPERLE coating, and the “Soft open / close system in sliding cabins, guarantee extremely high comfort of use. CADURA series cabins are a combination of original style and functionality at the highest level, designed and made with great attention to detail. A proposal for people who value comfort and sophisticated style.
The SanSwiss Group is an international holding company based in Härkingen, Switzerland with over thirty years of tradition on the shower cabins market. The brand’s products are characterized not only by the unique Swiss precision and quality of workmanship, but also by innovation and long-term reliability in accordance with European quality standards.
All cabins are made of safety glass, impact resistant, meeting the requirements of European safety standard EN 12150-1: 2000, the surface of which is refined with AQUAPERLE polymer coating – preventing limescale formation and making it easier to keep the cabin clean.
More information about shower cabins from the latest CADURA collection – on the manufacturer’s website.

SanSwiss is distributed with CAD Decor, CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens. You can also download it using the internet updater or by clicking the link below.

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