Paradyż Ceramika – the power of nature

Discover the wide range of new products, including the following collections: Burlington, Garden, Madera, Minister, Optimal, Path, Rustic Gold, Sherwood, Terrace, Wetwood, Willow, Artstone, Elegantstone, Lightstone, Linearstone, Marvelstone, Smoothstone, Wonderstone.

Choose your “pearl” collection in the last vote!

The third and last edition of the PEARLS OF CERAMICS EU 2020 competition ended at the beginning of December. The jury nominated 15 collections of ceramic tiles reflecting the latest interior design trends. Now it’s time for you! Use our pearl database, where you will find all the most appreciated news and vote for your favorite collection.

Laufen – perfection, form, craftsmanship

When designing a bathing space, experience in the production of ceramics is perfectly combined with refined design. The feature that distinguishes Laufen products at first glance is the combination of two trends in Swiss design: emotional South-Italian design with the northern tradition of precision and love for simplicity.

SWISS KRONO – the best foundation for your interior

How to feel good in your own home? It does not matter if our apartment has 25 or 200 m2. It is important to understand how much our home affects our lives and that it is worth using only the best quality materials. The latest collections will surely prove themselves in your home, creating the perfect foundation for further arrangement.

GROHE – Perfectly matched solutions

Perfect fit is the basis for bathroom design. That is why GROHE has created the concept of GROHE Perfect Match complete solutions, which makes it easy to find the right combinations of armature with ceramics, flush buttons, showers and even accessories. Design bathrooms consistent down to the last detail!

Konskie Ceramics – botanical prints

Botanical prints, raw minimalist concrete, classic white in combination with a wood-like French herringbone pattern create the basis for unlimited interior design possibilities. Create your dream living room, bathroom or terrace spaces while enjoying the timeless design.

Sunerzha – stainless radiators

Workmanship, design and functionality. Novelties in the offer: RENESANCE radiator in the everlasting Retro style, KADRO radiator in a classic rectangular shape, control valves in two designs, electronic heaters with regulation and a timer function, check out the new products in the offer of 3D models.

Projekt bez tytułu (8)
EVO Ceramika – tiles inspired by nature

The timeless charm of wood-inspired tiles and the design directly imitating the pattern of stone and marble, combined with a large format, is one of the most desirable methods used in interior design.

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Paradyż My Way – new collection

Surprise your customers with new possibilities and add style to their interior. Modern decors with glass elements, metallic, pearl or mirror finishes will surely add class. Among the 8 new collections you will also find the most fashionable patterns of wood, cement and natural stone combined with dark navy blue and deep green.

Commercial objects database – 3D models

Public utility buildings are often a huge design challenge, even for the most experienced architects. Specialized guidelines and building approvals often influence the artistic design vision. To meet the expectations of users of our programs, we present the latest database of Commercial objects – 3D models, so that each of you can take care of equipment in business projects.

This is the second voting under the PEARLS OF CERAMICS UE!

The second edition of the well-known Pearls of Ceramics UE ended at the end of September. The jury has selected for you as many as 22 of the best and latest collections, which you can find in the next database of Pearls of Ceramics UE 2020 2nd edition. Vote for your favorite collection by the end of October.

Invena – the pleasure of passion!

When looking for inspiration in interior design magazines, you have the opportunity to find out which style you like best and what colors you would like to see in your bathroom or kitchen. Discover an interior design adventure with Invena, in which you will find fashionable armature and ceramics that perfectly match the scandi boho and scandi minimal styles.

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