pradyz myway mini
Paradyż My Way sets the direction – base update

Enlarged formats, perfect mapped drawings of stones and cement structure, saturated colours – these are just four new collections: Barro, Calacatta, Space and Tosi. We believe that these unique, exclusive and polished designs will soon help your clients create their unique rooms.

Tubadzin mini
New collections of tiles from Ceramika Tubądzin

33×90 cm is the debuting format of tiles created by Ceramika Tubądzin. The line consists of eight collections that will take us on a journey through various directions in interior design. From decors decorated with gold and platinum, through antiqued “carpets” to Mediterranean, colourful tiles. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the update of our database.

Photo competition OUR BATHROOMS 2018 – we know the winners!

This year’s Jubilee 10th edition of the photo contest “Our bathrooms 2018” was very popular. 800 photos were sent, and 163 applications. The level of submitted works was very high, and the jury had to make a hard decision and select three winners. However, all the works deserve attention. The competition bathrooms will certainly inspire more than one person. They show ready ideas for the bathroom of various sizes and styles.

Electrolux – Give life a delicious taste!

Modern household appliances are advanced technologies that are easy to use. Affordable, ergonomic, designed for people – this is how you briefly can describe Electrolux products. More information in the article.

Ceramika Końskie – in search of inspiration

Just as a storm can be caused by the movement of butterfly wings, so one tile can be the beginning to design the whole house. Ceramika Końskie in the latest update of the base presents tiles next to which you will not pass indifferently.

kuchenny.pl_konkurs MINI
Photo competition OUR KITCHENS 2018

The kitchen is a room that first of all must be functional. Nowadays, a wide range of products available immediately makes that kitchen amaze ingenuity solutions and interesting design changes in the decoration of the apartment. Show what your kitchen looks like by taking part in the 6th edition of the Our Kitchens 2018 contest, to which we are a patron.

min steg
12 new Stegu collections!

Stegu helps in searching for inspiration. Raw concrete or demolition brick are just some of the proposals. It is worth to get to know them better and see how you can easily give your interior a brave character. .

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