Design with a wider Tikkurila product base

We invite you to familiarize with the latest database update. You can find there, well-known and popular water-soluble lines and paints for for special assignments. Thanks to this, designing new interiors or planning renovations becomes even more enjoyable!

Novelty from Ceramika Gres and Ceramika Nowa Gala

Beauty and usability, top quality, durability as well as high weather resistance of milled rock tiles produced by Ceramika Nowa Gala have made the company a leader in the sector for many years. The company’s offer, always inspired by nature, has expanded to include new collections of glazed gres tiles, inspired by the noblest species of marble and the beauty of watercolor painting.

swiis krono 265x192
SWISS KRONO presents a new collection

The Swiss Krono brand is a reflection of many years of experience and a constant, courageous look at the future. Continuous investments and seeking the best solutions, results in the appointment of new trends and quality standards. Floor panels, furniture boards and building boards are products that are available in 75 countries around the world. SWISS KRONO texture database is compatible with CAD Decor PRO, CAD …

PEKA mini
Ergonomics in the kitchen – updated PEKA base

Ergonomics makes us feel well among the objects that surround us. Handles are handy, everything is at the right height, and we have full access to the things we want to reach. For all who appreciate order and ergonomics, we present the latest product database PEKA.

Lucky edition of Łódź Design Festival 2017!

Numerology probably favors us this year 😉 In Łódź we will be the seventh time as the only manufacturer of comprehensive interior design software. This year you will find us at the Festival Center on Tymienieckiego from 3 to 8 October, where we will present our VR in a preview version.

More than 500 Laufen 3D models in our programs

We have renewed our cooperation with the Laufen brand and we give you a new product base for this popular brand. In the new Laufen base you will find several hundred 3D models, including the Ino, Val series. Laufen is compatible with CAD Decor RPO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens.

Aquafront textures for download!

Aquafront, as a producer of AQUAAKRYL acrylic boards and fronts, has the widest colour range of high gloss and matte acrylic materials on the market. That is why we are pleased that our base is from today richer about the products of this manufacturer…

Some new kitchen after the holidays?

Holidays are a time when we often decide to realize projects and bigger and smaller renovations. The summer is over, but maybe it left a trace with a nice kitchen project… If you have recently created a kitchen project that was realized and which you want to show off, the competition “Our kitchens 2017” lasts until the end of October.

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