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Ceramika Końskie – tiles inspired by natural stone

The latest collections of Ceramika Końskie are already available in our programs. A huge range of arrangement possibilities in the sizes of 25 × 75 cm tiles.

Check out the latest collections:

Braga 25×75

This is a proposal for people who want to create a classic arrangement using a tile imitating natural stone. The rectified edges allow to apply a minimal grout and thus obtain a uniform surface. The collection is complemented by a 3-element ceramic decoration with a floral motif and a structural tile with a very fashionable hexagon pattern.

Cindy 25×75

The glossy tiles from the Cindy collection perfectly reflect the warm groove found in natural Carrara marbles. The offer is complemented by structural tiles with a wave effect, as well as a glass mosaic and a gold-colored glass strip.

Cordoba 25×75

Glossy tiles refer to Onyx – a natural mineral that creates unique patterns on rocks. Creamy white in combination with golden discoloration will give the room an exclusive character. We can decorate the space with the use of structural tiles with a wave motif and a mosaic decoration, and emphasize the whole with a copper-gloss strip.

Malaga 25×75

Tiles in shades of gray in a pattern referring to natural stone. Additions to the collection can be a structural tile with a hexagon pattern or a 2-tile insert with a delicate floral motif, which can be folded into larger surfaces.

Maranello 25×75

The combination of wood with “warm” stone makes it possible to create interesting and timeless arrangements. The rectified edges of the tiles allow for even more uniform surfaces. The individual character of the room can be obtained thanks to decorations with a wave motif. The collection is complemented by a mosaic and a metal strip.

Saragossa 25×75

A timeless combination of the severity of concrete with the natural character of wood. The shiny surface of the base tiles is complemented by a structural decoration with a geometric motif. Additionally, a structural tile can be used in the arrangement. An interesting solution is a mosaic stylized as a wooden strip.

Savona 25×75

The Savona collection is kept in subdued colors of white and gray. The decorative elements were selected to create two different interiors. One minimalist – using delicate Arabesque decors next to the tiles. The second – slightly stronger – based on a column of glass decorative tiles with a bamboo motif in intense green. In both variants, we can use a structural tile, mosaic and metallic strips.

White glossy / Bergen 25×75

The Bergen collection is a combination of bold decor colors with a classic white tile. The collection is enriched by a metallic black strip and a mosaic with black inserts. The offer is complemented by a white structural tile with a geometric motif.

White glossy / Oregon 25×75

Wood allows you to create interesting compositions in interior design. The Oregon collection can be combined with a classic white tile, also in a structural version. The collection is complemented by a mosaic and a black strip.

Dalmacia/Vigo 25×75

This collection offers matte concrete look tiles. The colors based on white and gray make it possible to create a minimalist arrangement. In addition, the use of decorations with geometric motifs, as well as a metallized strip or mosaics will emphasize the timeless nature of the collection.

Monte Carlo 25×75

This is a proposal for people looking for a stone pattern in a matte surface as a starting point for arranging an interior in any style. The warm colors of the tiles complemented by a golden mosaic and a glass strip add elegance and character to any room.

White mat / Parma 25×75

The most common combinations in the classic Scandinavian style are warm wood with white. We can achieve this effect by using the Parma collection with a matte white tile. The collection is complemented by a mosaic and a stainless steel strip.

More information can be found on the  manufacturer’s website.

The Ceramika Końskie database is distributed with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens with a Ceramic Tile Module. It can also be downloaded using the internet updater or by clicking on the link below.

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