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Check out the new improvements and rules in the designer’s gallery!

Do you currently have more time to learn and improve your projects? Are you looking for free ways to promote your business? Familiarize yourself with the most important changes in our designers gallery, and click on your profile to add new projects!


1) more intuitive and easier to use DESIGNER PROFILE

  • After log in in to your profile, you will immediately see the GALLERY module.
  • You can now add new projects to your gallery using the DROP-IN method, several to a dozen at a time 🙂
  • Take care of their best quality and optimal size (JPG format with file size not exceeding 1280 / height, resulting px, having a resolution of 72 pixels and not exceeding 650 kB), but if it fails, our intelligent gallery of designers will automatically compress for you.
  • New option to add a location for your company and your services in the PROFILE module – voivodship in which you operate (max. 5 voivodships). If you are willing to use this new option, in the future we may consider introducing another sorting by voivodship on our website 🙂

2) an easier and faster way to browse the gallery on our website

  • Your projects can now be viewed by potential customers and partners in a small auxiliary menu under the project or after zooming in and out by clicking the arrows on the slider.

3) more effective and legible message

  • In the interests of a faster and more efficiently working gallery of designers on our website and the best image of our designers, we have introduced a limit to 50 visualizations and CAD Share-it presentations for each profile. With this new principle, we want to mobilize everyone to choose the best projects on their profile and update them frequently, and provide designers with a faster platform to brag about their achievements.

Warning! Clean up your gallery by the end of April on the occasion of spring cleaning! Profiles that will still have more than 50 projects in the gallery in May will break our new Regulations.

  • We removed other options for project presentation in our gallery: movies and anaglyph. You used them very sporadically, and they slowed down the gallery designers. So the most popular VISUALIZATIONS and CAD Share-it have remained.

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