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Check the update history in versions 3.1 and 7.1!

As with every new version of the program, we listen very carefully to all the suggestions of our customers. Therefore, right after the CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens upgrade to versions 3.1 and 7.1 we introduced some important corrections and minor changes. The 28 January update introduces software optimization for the brightness of the rendered scene and bumpmaping while maintaining the speed of calculation available from version 3.1!

If you don’t find your reports in the list with our update history, please be patient. We are constantly working on subsequent changes. The computer program is finally verified only when creating real designs by thousands of interior designers and architects, which is why we encourage you to send applications via the application form on our website → Our technical support will be happy to accept any application and try to dispel your doubts as soon as possible.The history of changes in our program can always be found on our website in the same place.

You will always find the history of changes in our program on our website in the same place 🙂

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