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Deante brand products in the model base!

The Polish brand Deante has been known for several years as a precursor of interesting stylistic solutions resulting from cooperation with Polish designers. The original design of products, their quality and durability are awarded in many prestigious competitions such as the Top Design Award, Must Have and Good Design. For the company, it is a reason to be proud, and for customers it is certain that the products they choose will be functional, elegant and will become a real decoration of the kitchen and bathroom.The 3D model database is constantly updated and expanded with additional distribution channels. All this to make access to it even faster and more convenient. We have at your disposal almost 1000 the latest products of bathroom and kitchen equipment. Among them are such novelties as: the unique collection of Temisto bathroom fittings, modern Eridan sinks and stylish accessories Mokko and Round.

Jubilee Temisto fittings collection

It combines style with modern technology. Temisto faucets and sprinklers from this series refer to the retro climate, attract attention with stylized knobs, and at the same time boast of very modern covering technology. The collection has three color versions to choose from: classic, silvery chrome, luxury brass and matte black. Each of these finishes gives a different stylistic effect. Chrome surfaces reflect light, optically enlarging the bathroom. In bolder arrangements golden brass color will be found, allowing even very luxurious projects to be implemented. Matte black, in turn, allows you to create a distinct bathroom, referring to the loft style. Each color series consists of six faucets and two sprinklers – including one designed for installation above the bathtub. The Temisto collection was designed for Deante by Michał Łój, a graduate of the Faculty of Industrial Forms at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.We invite you to contact the team of the Deante company (e-mail:, which will provide support and help in answering questions about the offered products.More information about the brand and news at:

The DEANTE database is distributed from CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens. You can also download it using the internet updater or by clicking the links below.

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