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Deftrans – a new database of 3D models of Defra and Ø NAS brands

DEFRA and Ø NAS are brands of bathroom furniture produced by the Polish manufacturer of bathroom furniture, Deftrans. Its offer is extremely wide and includes a variety of furniture that will meet the functional and aesthetic expectations of a wide audience. The latest base upgrade covers the entire Defra collection and modular furniture from the Ø NAS range. The updated database of 3D models will allow interior designers and architects to create many interesting, inspiring arrangements of bathrooms.

What’s new in the Defra brand database?

  • A set of models of bathroom cabinets with the award of the Diamond of Furniture and awarded with the title Bathroom – Choice of the Year 2019 collection SENSO, as well as FLOU, POINT and ALESIA and others.
  • Well-known and valued collections of bathroom furniture, such as COMO, GUADIX, MURCIA, OPARTY or GRANADA in new refreshed colours and with new functional solutions.
  • New sinks: shapely Fontino, compact Matrix and elegant Frame in 3 dimensions.
  • New colours of lacquers and colouring of decors.

Collections of Ø NAS bathroom module furniture are:

  • STILLA and TORINO with matching countertops and washbasins.
  • a collection of various dimensions of MultiOPEN cabinets with varnished doors and MultiGLASS with mirrored fronts, whose intriguing systems perfectly fill the bathroom niches, providing additional storage space.
  • complementing the above collections are open QBIK shelves in two dimensions and colours – white and truffle beech, which will look beautiful in any room.

The updated product database of Deftrans will allow you to create a beautiful, functional arrangement that will perfectly use the available space, and thanks to the project will allow the customer to make the best choice.
More inspirations, collections and products from Defra can be found at, and social networks: Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

The Defra and Ø NAS databases are distributed with CAD Decor, CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens. You can also download them using the online updater or by clicking the link below.

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