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Discover novelties in our programs!

The latest versions of the program are new, even cosmic, quality and rendering speed and developed documentation, better suited to larger projects. You’ll certainly notice the new quality of work in Render PRO right after installing the latest versions of CAD Decor PRO 3.1 and CAD Decor 3.1 and CAD Kitchens 7.1 with Render PRO. Now nobody will differentiate your visualization from interior photography. Imagine that the next late and sleepless nights, unrealized orders, long hours of rendering are no longer your problem! Together with the new Render PRO, you gain broad perspectives and the potential to implement more ambitious projects. Let’s focus, however, on the specifics and functionalities that we have created especially for our clients.

Render PRO even better and faster

Above all, we’ve accelerated rendering performance by reworking the rendering system’s nucleus. On large projects (also those with curtains and other semi-transparent elements) Path tracing works up to 200% faster than the previous version. The GI calculation phase was shortened by several dozen percent. In addition, if the program does not detect mouse movements, the calculations will speed up even more, because the program will assume that the user has moved away from the computer and will display partial results of calculations less often.

We have also added a new tool – HUM REDUCTION – significantly improving the appearance and reducing the time of creating visualizations using the Path tracing method. We provide three levels of hum reduction – 50, 100 and 200 samples. Selecting one of these options entails automatically changing the number of samples analyzed by the Path tracing algorithm. For example, after selecting “200”, the number of samples analyzed will be set to 200, but the end result may be many times better quality than it results from the number of samples given. How is it possible? After reaching the set level, the program will apply the “artificial intelligence” algorithm, which will smooth the image in places where it was imperfect.

We have also added to our unique Render PRO: a slider to change the colour saturation, a new White-Filmic filter and a very useful function of automatically obtaining thin glass. The new COLOR SATURATION option, available in the “Colour tone” panel, is used to control the intensity of colours, which with high contrast may become excessive and unnatural. The WHITEFILMIC FILTER, in turn, will ensure that the white colour is never overexposed. This filter strongly brightens the scene and at the same time reduces the contrast, shifting the range of shades of gray. It is worth using it when you want to get very bright scenes, but at the same time avoid overexposure. Thanks to this, we quickly gain a more accessible and effective presentation for our investors. And for dessert, THIN GLASS! This clever option allows you to get a natural look of thin-walled glass for round objects with transparency and reflection properties (minimum 1%). Even if they were drawn without a minimum wall thickness (which until now was necessary for proper rendering of the glass). Such realistically rendered glass is a rarity in the visualizations available in the interior design industry and in programs for interior architects.

As always, we also listened to the suggestions of our clients, introducing a number of minor corrections in the rendering. We have improved the processes of the “Quick save” option, which saves the view with such settings as the user recently left in the “Visualization save” window. We introduced remembering hidden layers after leaving the project, so you can permanently hide the unwanted part of the object and adjusted the operation of hiding and displaying elements, especially when using Path Tracing. We have also corrected the operation of the Final gathering function and improved the visibility of the bump mapping effect in visualizations obtained using the Path tracing algorithm.

If you have doubts related to technical requirements and rendering time … we have good news! The hardware and system requirements have not changed, and time will surprise even the biggest pessimists. How many photorealistic quality views can you convert in 2 minutes in Render PRO? Check out this movie!

Consistent and professional technical documentation

We have also listened carefully to your needs regarding technical documentation. In the first half of 2019, we asked you about changes in this module that would make your work easier. At your explicit request (90% of the answer to YES in our survey, presented at meetings with designers in the first half of 2019), we have enabled moving and rotating design elements loaded from the CAD environment (both single and entire groups), except for elements construction (e.g. walls, landings). Changing the location of equipment elements is independent of the design, it does not involve any changes in the CAD environment, so your designs are safe.

Thanks to minor changes in the interface, introduction of new functions and numerous corrections, it will be easier and more pleasant to work with it, especially for larger projects. Changes, including the addition of a ruler, new icons to manage the list of pages (moving and grouping) and options for docking texts to a sheet of paper will help organize the documentation and allow for greater accuracy.

It’s not everything:) In the card editing mode, we have also added the ability to rotate the entire view for those pages where the drawing is presented from above. A new editing function has also appeared: the ability to change the order of mutual covering of objects, i.e. moving elements added by the user to the top and bottom, depending on current needs. The options “Move to the top” and “Move to the bottom” are available in the context menu, which is also a novelty (it is a small circle that appears after selecting the object). We have also made available new printing formatssizes from A0 to A5, and added the “Line thickness factor” option in the “Export to PDF” window. This functionality allows you to change proportionally all lines in the project, so that it can become clearer after exporting to PDF and printing. We’ve also added a dot line and the ability to restore default settings for all documentation.

Much of it? A detailed description of the CAD Decor PRO 3.1, CAD Decor 3.1 and CAD Kitchen 7.1 programs with useful illustrations can be found in the PDF file provided. Also watch our presentation videos that show the most important news. In turn, in our designer zone you will soon find new training instructions and videos. These materials will definitely help you discover new possibilities.

Users of our programs with an active service package receive a new work tool for free! On the other hand, customers without an active package can exceptionally benefit from a 20% discount on updating their programs to the latest version only until the end of January 2020!

Lots of small correction

Users of all our programs will also notice new products in the wizard and wall editor. For example, a new panel appeared with previews of doors, windows and wall objects, which significantly improved the visibility of these elements and convenience of work.

We have also repaired a number of errors reported by users for versions 3.0 and 7.0 and introduced improvements in the operation of documentation, visualization, manager, 3D converter, wizard and wall editor for CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens. We have also made corrections in the Render PRO, Ceramic Tiles Design Module and Tiles Base Editor, as well as the moldings, household appliances and cabinets module in CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens. All these changes, as always, can be verified on our website in the update history, you will certainly find some patch there:)

Upgrade to versions 3.1 and 7.1

Along with new products in our programs, there has been a slight change in the iUpdate web updater. We introduced new installation rules for the VC Redist 2017 – 2019 installer.

  • After starting the updater (automatically after starting the program or as a result of a manual call by the user) the first step is to install the update (files with new products and patches are downloaded).
  • After completing this phase, the updater checks the version of the VC Redist package in the registry.
  • If the presence of the appropriate version of the VC Redist package is detected, the updater will simply end at this point – the user can proceed to work with the new version of the program.
  •  If the correct version of the VC Redist package is not detected in the registry, the updater will proceed with its installation, which may automatically restart the computer. The user will be informed about this and asked if they want to continue the installation (if they decide to do so, they should close all files and applications to protect themselves against data loss).
  • If the user agrees, the VC Redist package is installed, which may end with a restart of the computer (without warning to the user).
  • After restarting the computer, you can start working with the latest version of the program.

Note: if you do not agree to restart your computer, the updater will exit without installing the new VC Redist package. In this situation, it will still be possible to start the program in the new version, but the noise reduction function in Render PRO will be inactive, as it requires the latest VC Redist package. In addition, the updater will keep asking you to resume installation to install the missing package. In case of doubt or any problems, please contact our technical support.

All interior designers and architects for the start! There is really something to check and discover! 🙂

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Presentation film
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