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Dunin’s Mosaic collection awarded with the third pearl!

In the Pearls of Ceramics UE competition, we have three nominations, awarded by a jury professionally associated with industrial design, architecture and interior design, as well as representatives of the “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych” editorial office. At the final stage, nominated in three editions, the collections are awarded the titles of the Pearl of Ceramics UE, Pearls of Ceramics of Distributors and the Pearls of Ceramics of Designers – users of CAD Decor. And the most successful producer will receive the Great Pearl of UE Ceramics 2018.

We present you the last appreciated collection! The users of our programs voted for this product the most. Appreciated tiles are Mosaics Hexagon, Hexagonic, Mini Fish Scale, Mini Rombic from DUNIN Sp. z o.o.
The winner was selected from 21 collections.

A few words about the winning collection. DUNIN mosaics are an interesting alternative to traditional square tiles. Ovoid, scale shapes or diamonds give the interiors an original character. Cubes allow you to create unusual compositions, delighting with a unique design. MINI FISH SCALE and MINI ROMBIC are tiles that look like a fish scale. Their application on the wall can decorate the surface in a unique way. HEXAGONIC and HEXAGON is an extremely fashionable pattern now. Interspersed black and white hexagons create interesting geometrical systems. You will get them in small cubes as well as in larger formats. In addition, monochrome colours are underlined with three-dimensional mosaic systems.

The end of the third vote is the beginning of the competition for architects working on our programs. It is worth slowly thinking about the concept of competition work. Attractive prizes are waiting! The competition will start this year. The announcement of the exact date of the competition soon! 😉

The result of the third vote for ” Pearls of Ceramics of Designers – CAD Decor users” as usual opens the next stage, which is the beginning of the competition for architects designing on our programs. Soon we will give you the Regulations and details regarding the “Competition for architects and interior designers – CAD Decor users“, which will start this year!

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