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Ergonomics in the kitchen – updated PEKA base

PEKA has updated its product base for designers and interior designers. This time the product database has been updated with 40 new models. Recently, the company introduced accessories in anthracite, which fit in the latest trends. So we couldn’t miss it in the latest database. Pleno system deserves special attention. The distinctive feature of this collection is the shelves that automatically slide out when opening, and for keeping order on the shelves is a matching non-slip mat covering their bottom. iMove lift is a system for hanging cabinets. The use of the system changes the traditional top cabinet into a modern and ergonomic space for storing dry products or small household appliances. You should also pay attention to the under worktops systems Kitchen Tower and Junior. Thanks to the front mount, they allow the contents of the entire cabinet to be pulled outward, which facilitates access to stored products and accessories. Drawer accessories have been added to the new Sky and Separado refill. Security allow for perfect organization and maintain order in the drawers.
PEKA meets the needs of the furniture industry by providing the highest quality professional equipment for kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and dressing rooms. Customers and partners provide the best solutions and systems that make it easy to work and live in a modern home, especially storage of food, kitchen utensils and small household appliances. Thanks to that, the interiors of houses and apartments become more friendly and comfortable for the family.

The new PEKA product database is distributed with the programs: CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens. You can download the database on-line using the updater or our database site.

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