1. FAQ about program installation

  • on Windows Vista and 7 it is recommended to switch off the option of User account control before starting the installation of the program. To do so please go to Control panel and Users icon
  • on Windows Vista and 7 the program should NOT be installed in the system directory Program Files. (it does not apply to dot4cad work environment)
  • it is not recommended to change the default localization of the dot4cad work environment, which is C:/CadProjekt

2. Does the program function without the HASP key?

  • No, the program can operate only with the HASP key connected to the USB port of the computer.

3. Is it possible to save projects or other data on the USB key?

  • No, the USB key key is not a portable flash memory. It is only a security device for the program.

4. I have the program CAD Kitchens MAX but additional modules do not function

  • Most probably the activation codes for these module have not been entered yet. To enter them please run the program, close the project selection and click Activation codes icon (padlock in the left upper corner). Then enter the codes in appropriate boxes

5. I entered registration codes for the program CAD Decor / CAD Kitchens and there are still empty boxes in the codes table. What should I do with them?

  • Those empty boxes are for additional modules. The name of each module is displayed on the left-hand side of the codes table. You should fill out the boxes if You have purchased any of the additional modules. If not – then You should leave these boxes empty.

6. After I run the program the dialog box with codes table displays

  • The license code for CAD Decor or CAD Kitchens has not been entered
  • or the code has been entered incorrectly (usually in such situation the code will display in yellow)

7. Functions available under the right mouse button do not work (e.g. move, rogate, copy)

  • Close the program
  • Right click on the shortcut icon of the CAD Decor / CAD Kitchens program on the desktop, select: Properties and then click the “Find target element” button (Win XP) or the “Open file location” button (Win Vista, 7)
  • Open file reset_menu (CAD Decor) or reset_menu_paradyz (CAD Decor Paradyż) or reset_menu_meble (CAD Kuchnie i CAD Kuchnie MAX)

8. How to change the colour of the screen background in the dot4cad environment?

  • After running the program select the Information position in the main program menu, select Settings and then the White screen or Black screen option.

9. I want to create a new design but the button New (Next) is inactive

  • Most likely You have not filled out the boxes Design name or Designer Name.

10. How to change the directory for saving projects?

  • In the dialog box Design selection click on Options, then click the button with the magnifying glass (!) and select the folder in which projects are to be saved. Confirm by clicking Ok. If the path is correct, then click Add and Save as default.

11. A problem with opening the project

  • In the Design selection dialog box with the list of projects there is a button Recover, which runs the function enabling to recover and save under a different name the project that is causing the problem.

12. What is the easiest way to prepare project files to be sent by e-mail?

  • In the Design selection dialog right-click on the chosen project and select and option Export document(s), and then indicate the location for saving the compressed ZIP directory with project files. The project saved in this way can be easily attached to the e-mail.

13. How to improve the quality of visualization (irregular, sharp edges)?

  • The only way of improving the quality of smoothing the edges is to change the parameter of anti-aliasing
  • To do it, please run the program, open some project and enter the command anty on the Command Bar
  • Press Enter to confirm and then choose the highest possible value (it depends on the graphic card)
  • If there are no options available to choose from it may mean that the card is too weak or there is a problem with its drive

14. Why NVIDIA GeForce graphic cards are recommended for programs CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens?

  • Drives for NVIDIA GeForce cards are the most optimized and the most reliable, as far as supporting of OpenGL libraries is concerned (on these libraries the visualization of CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens is based).

15. How to configurate graphic cards for notebooks with the NVIDIA Optimus technology?

  • First of all check where the ‘dot4cad’ program is installed. To do so, please right-click on the ‘dot4cad’ shortcut icon on the desktop, select ‘Properties’ and find the ‘Target element’ item – in the box beside it you will see the file path. Click on the path and press the arrow to the right on the keyboard, to make sure you see the entire entry. Write down or memorise the path.
  • Then right-click on any spot at the desktop (the program has to be closed), and select the ‘NVIDIA control panel’. In the left-hand side of the new window you will see the item ‘manage 3D settings’ – click on it. Then in the right-hand side of this window click on the  ‘Program settings’ and click ‘Add’ in the first point (1.). Find the ‘icad.exe’* file on your computer (in the location of the ‘dot4cad’ program you previously checked**). After confirming  by clicking ‘Open’ go to the second point (2.) and select ‘High performance NVIDIA processor’. Confirm the changes.
  • Then run the CAD Decor / CAD Kitchens program and select any project. Type the ‘anty’ command, select 16x and restart the program.

* the ‘.exe’ extention is not always visible – it depends on the configuration of Windows system
** usually it is C:/CadProjektdot4CAD

For more information on NVIDIA Optimus Technology please visit www.nvidia.com

16. While trying to run the program, there is a message „Error of downloading the file (Socket Error #11004)”

  • The program automatically runs the online updater every 2 weeks. This message informs that there is no Internet connection. The automatic update will be impossible

17. Moving all projects at other post

  • Specify the location of the folder with projects on the disk. To do this please start the programme, in the viewport of projects’ selection  choose Options and note ‘Document’s Catalogue’ (the default is C:/CadProjekt/Projekty)
  • Then go to a predefined folder containing a subfolder with projects
  • Copy the folder on the memory stick with projects (default Projects)
  • Connect the memory stick to the new workstation
  • Copy the folder with projects (default Projects) from the memory stick
  • Paste it into a new location (it can also be the folder C:/CadProjekt assuming that in this location there is a newly installed programme, through which there have not been saved any projects)
  • If you paste the folder of our projects into C:/CadProjekt and it is called ‘Projects’ you should replace the existing folder o the same name.
  • If you paste the folder of our projects into a different location please make a note of it and add it to the programme. To do this, follow these points
  • Turn on the programme and in the viewport of projects’ selection choose Options
  • Then click the Browse button, select the folder with the projects in this location in which it was placed and confirm with the OK button.
  • Finally click “Set as default”
  • Company CAD Projekt K&A is not liable for any damage or loss of projects as a result of incorrect completion of the above steps. In case of doubt, please contact your IT specialist.

18. Moving the database of kitchen cabinets’ user to another post

  • Go to the programme’s installation folder (in the file shortcut right-click the mouse button, choose Properties, and click the button “Open file location” (Win Vista, 7, 8, 10) / “Find Location” (Win XP))
  • Locate the folder named BNS_User, copy it and paste it into your memory stick
  • Connect it to the new workstation
  • Copy the folder BNS_User from the memory stick
  • Go to the installation folder of the programme (cognately to the first hyphen)
  • Paste the previously copied BNS_User folder, replacing the existing files on all cabinets’ use database do not combine but replace.

If in the replacing database there are some cabinets, they will be lost. It is not possible at the same time to have more than one cabinets’ use database.

19. Moving tiles’ user database to another post

  • Go the the installation folder (in the file shortcut right-click the mouse button, choose Properties, and click the button “Open file location” (Win Vista, 7, 8, 10) / “Find Location” (Win XP))
  • Locate the folder named Tiles and open it
  • Locate two files User’s database and copy them to a memory stick
  • Connect the memory to the new workstation
  • Copy two files User’s database of the memory stick
  • Go to the installation folder of the programme and subfolder Tiles (cognately to the first and the  second hyphen)
  • Paste previously copied files User’s database, exchanging the existing file into all files

The databases of tiles’ usage do not combine, but replace each other. If there are any tiles in the replacing database they will be lost. It is not possible at the same time to have more than one cabinets’ use database.

20. Moving the user’s interior design elements database to another workstation

  • Turn on the programme from which you want to move the database and open any project
  • Turn on the Elements of interior design
  • In the upper part of the window click on the button User’s database (please do not confuse with a list of databases in the left part of the window)
  • Then click Export the database under the User’s database button
  • Indicate the memory stick as a storage location and click Save
  • Connect the memory stick to the new workstation
  • Perform the steps from the first 3 hyphens
  • Click Import the database, go to a memory stick in the drive’s browse window
  • Indicate b_user file and click Open

21. How do manually update a program?

To manually update the program, go to the program installation location, run the iUpdate.exe file, and follow the instructions. At this point the program must be turned off. To get to the installation position:

  • for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista – right-click on the program’s shortcut icon on your desktop and then select Open file location;
  • in Windows XP, right-click the program’s shortcut icon on the desktop, and then select Properties and Find target.

The web server starts updating the program files at first (the program files are at the top of the list and are grayed out). When this process is complete, the update will allow you to select databases to update or download.

22. Radiosity calculations have been stopped because all available RAM memory has been used

  • The message is not a program error but information for the user.
  • Radiosity Render counts as long as RAM memory is available.
  • If the memory usage in the whole computer fluctuates around 85-90%, the program will stop calculating.
  • The appearance of a message does not mean complete rendering of the scene, but the use of all available RAM memory.
  • The user decides when to stop the render. In most cases, this is the moment when dark stains on objects disappear. Not later than after dozen minutes.
  • Longer calculation time Radiosity eliminates dark stains, but does not result better quality visualization.
  • If the dark stains do not disappear after a dozen/several minutes, you must do Final gathering.
  • The message appears twice. After 15 minutes and / or when the available memory runs out in the system.
  • The message may appear earlier than after 15 minutes if RAM memory has been exhausted before.
  • RAM memory will wear out faster when the design is heavier.
  • The longer the program counts, the more RAM it use.
  • CAD programs share RAM memory with other programs, so if, for example, we use an e-mail program, a browser with more than a dozen internet bookmark, other programs, then the pool of available RAM for CAD software will be smaller so the message will appear earlier.
  • The graphics card and its memory are not related to the above message.
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