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Five new Paradyż Classica collections – #arrangeinyourstyle

The NATURA collection

Your natural space. Do you love the wildness of nature and the climate of mysterious gardens? Are you looking for motifs that will take you to the most remote corners of the natural world? The NATURA collection is designed for those who wish to preserve and immortalize memories of special journeys in the comfort of their home interiors. The collection is submerged in organic whites, wood and natural greys, which are a colour base inspired by nature. It was broken with expressive floral motifs. Thanks to such combinations, your interior will not only delight with modern design, but will also become an oasis of respite in a busy and changing world.

The SYMETRY collection

Here you will rest and feel calm, and the space you want to create for yourself is to soothe and calm down. A delicate landscape of meadows and fields, subdued colours, bright light and arrangement. This collection was created especially for those who draw strength from nature and look for a rest. You will find them in delicate motifs of fabrics, waves and flowers. SYMETRY is like a trip out of town and a journey back in time to carefree childhood. Modern grey, white and cream colours bring harmony, peace, true relaxation. Arrangements with their participation will create a space full of you, a discreet but atmospheric space in which it’s just good to be.

The SUNLIGHT collection
Or maybe the sea, sun and beach? How to close the beauty of coastal cliffs in a tile, walk through a wild beach, wind dancing in the dunes? Discover the sunny SUNLIGHT collection and experience holidays throughout the year. Sandy patterns, motifs inspired by the pattern of shells perfectly combine with wood or natural stone. The interior based on this style will delight with warmth, summer climate and seaside adventure. If you like unusual solutions, the SUNLIGHT collection will surely stimulate your interior design imagination.

The SYNERGY collection

The raw beauty of mountain peaks. Close your eyes and you will see the mountains. Wild, tall and delightful in their majesty. Sharp edges, ragged structure, black and white. Mysterious fog covers the valleys and what is deeply hidden in them. Now you will see the lake. Pure in its unblemished beauty. Shiny with millions of reflections, saturated with depth of ton. A flash of light paints pastel sunsets that you will never forget and for which you will constantly miss. Now open your eyes. You will see tiles in which all these images are enchanted. Minimalist designs, perfectly matched colours, modern texture and expressive design will help you conjure up a space that everyone will envy you.

The HARMONY collection

In harmony with the city. Move a modern, urban atmosphere to your home, creating your own original space. If you live in harmony with the city, you will feel at home. In a fashionable industrial style or in a bold combination of industrial colour with the magic of historic streets. In the HARMONY collection you will find floor and wall tiles in timeless shades of grey. Bright structures, minimalism of geometric patterns and contrasts of wooden accessories will allow you to have unusual arrangement options in your unique style.

More information about collections can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

The Paradyż Classica database is distributed with CAD Decor, CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens with a Ceramic Tiles Module. You can also download it using the online updater or by clicking the link below.

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