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FRANKE – new lines of household appliances

Different lifestyles, different kitchens, different needs – this is the everyday life of designers. That is why the Franke brand has introduced a division into three lines of devices. In each of them you will find completely new models of ovens, compact appliances and induction hobs. Modern products have been enriched with functions better suited to the needs of various groups of modern recipients.


The highest line of devices is an offer for people who take ordinary cooking to the level of culinary art. These are appliances for the kitchen of conscious and demanding users. For seekers of flavors and recipes, perfecting their culinary skills. The new appliances are designed in a clean, minimalist style with advanced features. In the oven, we now have the option of cooking and steaming and a touch color display. Dozens of ready-made recipes can also be found in the induction hob. In addition, the hob itself detects the dishes in every place and allows you to cook on eight independent zones.


Daily family life places high demands on the kitchen. Here, using it has its own rhythm, and Maris sets it up perfectly. The devices harmonized with each other will be helpful in organizing a morning trip to work, school and kindergarten. The new ovens are spacious and intuitive to use, facilitated by retractable knobs. And in the plates we have automatic programs and the ability to combine two adjacent fields into one large. Maris are appliances with a harmonious design, designed for fast cooking and perfect baking. Additionally, they are easy to keep clean and safe for children.


The basic Smart line is addressed to people who arrange the first kitchen or visit it to prepare a quick dish or snack. New, easy-to-use and energy-saving ovens will help. And also induction hobs enriched with automatic programs and the possibility of combining two fields to cook in larger pots. In turn, the universal design of the devices will match the most popular types of kitchen furniture. Smart is a collection that gives freedom in arranging any interior and quick service.

More information on the manufacturer’s website.

The FRANKE database is distributed with CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens. It can also be downloaded using the internet updater or by clicking on the link below.

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