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Fun and freedom to work with the new versions 3.2 and 7.2!

From October 2018, when we switched to CAD Decor PRO / CAD Decor 3.0 and CAD Kitchens 7.0 versions, we had a really exciting journey with our customers. We are very grateful to you for your creativity and patience, all suggestions and amazing energy that resulted in the last installment of this trip, preceded by versions 3.1 / 7.1 and 3.1.1 / 7.1.1.

In the new versions of CAD Decor PRO 3.2, CAD Decor 3.2 and CAD Kitchens 7.2, we have a lot of fun for you and concrete time savings when creating further interior arrangements in photorealistic quality. First, you will find major changes to the material available in our programs, starting with the appropriate terminology. Now our MATERIALS are texture (or color) with added properties that you can conveniently and very quickly adapt to your individual expectations and enjoy the effects of your work and discoveries in subsequent projects, especially in the CAD Decor PRO 3.2 program. We have also introduced a number of new improvements to the technical documentation in all our interior design software.


The tree of materials and textures you use on a daily basis in the visualization window has changed completely. We now offer 4 main directories: “Standard materials”, “User materials”, “Standard textures” and “User textures”. “Standard Materials” is a handy collection of sample materials, i.e. textures or colors with properties that you can use in your projects right away. Ready materials are applied to the surfaces in the project and it’s done! 🙂 However, this is just the beginning of your adventure and fun with materials.

In the standard render, to see the effects of your work, you “turn on the lights” (F1) in the visualization for the entire scene. In turn, in Render PRO, with the Path tracing algorithm, you can now significantly speed up your work by using the new “stamp preview” function. Thanks to the preview, which is rendered in real time, you will see at a look what the material applied to the object looks like. To quote one of our testers: “Wow, this stamp does the job!” If you are satisfied with the effects of customizing a specific material and you have CAD Decor PRO 3.2 or another program with the latest Render PRO, you can save it in your database. In this way, you create your own database of “User Materials” and use your favorite materials in next projects.

New options not only create and save your own materials, but also save a lot of time for Render PRO users with the Path Tracing algorithm. If you are, then imagine the end of the laborious setup of property sliders in the right configuration each time you change texture or color. In the new version of Render PRO, all you need to do is use the appropriate material and, using the texture preservation option, save specific material properties (e.g. marble, wood, metal etc.) onto the selected object and voila. Or you can do it in reverse order, keeping the material properties and dragging a specific texture onto the selected object. You choose what method and style of work you prefer, we provide you with a modern work tool.

New options for sorting by color (a little longer) and by name are also available in the lower visualization menu. You can select the method that suits you best. Don’t be afraid of the next update. When selecting the sort options by name, you work as before and learn new functions slowly. At your own pace.


In the last update, the technical documentation was our star (collective drawing and a new way of managing symbols), but this time we also added some important changes. Here, too, it will simply be more comfortable. In response to your requests, we have added drawing boundaries (drawing area) for the “Tiles” and “Cabinets” pages, also enabling automatic generation of overlays on the mentioned pages. The drawing boundaries now determine the scope of the automatic generation of traces. Therefore, you can quickly generate maps only for a part of the project and a selected room.

In addition, the “Tile start” function is now available for all projections (previously only for pages with tiles), and on all documentation pages it is possible to display an auxiliary grid, facilitating the arrangement of drawing elements using the “Measure” option. There are also cosmetic changes, such as saving the colors used in the documentation in the palette for the next projects and the possibility of changing the thickness of the created symbol.

In the latest versions of CAD Decor PRO and CAD Decor, it will also be possible to remember a random tile layout after leaving the project and restarting the program!

Users of our programs with an active service pack get the new work tool completely free of charge! However, customers without an active package, we recommend updating their programs to the latest version and contacting our sales department.


Materials and zippers have been a very popular topic lately. Following the latest trends in interior design and the different ways of working with materials and textures, we have come to the conclusion that the ideal material base that you have often asked for simply does not exist. Unless you create one yourself 🙂 Each of you has individual preferences, and each interior design is different. Differently lit or in a different atmosphere. Responding to your needs, we give you the opportunity to work with a simple, easy interface to create your material database. You can start with our examples and get the desired result with just a few clicks. Our programs optimize the already complex interior design process. So we meet less advanced users who have not yet figured out many complicated indicators and possibilities, and those advanced users who can easily refine their IDEL database of materials.

Regardless of what level you are at, you get more TIME FOR YOURSELF, for your creativity, the most difficult stages or for the next projects … We all know that playing with zippers is tempting, but usually time-consuming. And time is luxury and more orders.

The latest versions of our programs can be downloaded traditionally via the internet updater. Hardware and system requirements have not changed. If you have any technical doubts, please contact our technical support. You don’t have our program or its older version and you don’t know if you need the latest update? Contact our Product Managers from the sales department, they will surely help 🙂

What exactly has changed?
Read the detailed updates.

See what working in the new style looks like!
Watch our 6-minute presentation video.

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