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#LearnRemotely With CAD Projekt K&A

We can’t imagine being unable to meet with you, and as you know, it’s impossible at the moment. That is why the # UczSięZdalnie initiative with CAD Projekt K&A was created. In one place we will gather for you all new educational materials and provide links to regular online meetings. We anticipate two types of events – Q&A and webinars. 

Q&A, i.e. the question and answer. Some time before the event, we collect in a survey questions about the subject of a given Q&A. We inform you about it on Facebook and via email. We select the most interesting ones and during the one-hour live meeting we answer and show how to solve a given design problem.

Webinars are online course-based meetings, although they are not typical trainings. Our specialists will take on the wallpaper the most problematic issues and show them how to solve them in our programs. It’s an hour of designing without interacting with the teacher. Design with it or just listen. Join the webinar whose topic you are interested in.


We use the Zoom platform to conduct our meetings. Before Q&A, we will provide an open link, which you can click to be taken to the event. You do not need to install any application on your computer, but for a smartphone such installation is necessary. The participants have their microphones off, so don’t be surprised that you won’t be able to hear you. During the first dozen or so minutes of the meeting, the chat window will also be turned on to make sure that we can hear and everything works. Then the window will close and you will not be able to comment. At this point, we start the actual Q&A session during which the teacher answers the questions selected from the survey related to the topic of the session. You can also ask questions via Zoom. Click the two clouds icon and Q&A to ask a question. If the leader chooses them, he will read it aloud and answer. Remember, however, that we only have an hour, so we already know that we will not be able to answer all of them. Relax, there will be more Q&A sessions.


1.Check your computer for internet access. For proper meeting, close any unnecessary browser windows or other programs. If you have two computers – watch the event on one and on the other start the program and design with us
2. Internet connection via cable is definitely more effective in teleconferences.
3. Find a comfortable, peaceful place and enjoy the time spent with us! We are very happy:)

IMPORTANT: Our meetings have a limited number of places, so not all of you can get to them. We apply the good old rule, “first come first served”. We do not register, so we are sorry if you failed. In a moment another meeting. On Facebook, in the #LearnRemote with CAD Project K&A group, the event will be broadcast and in principle it will be no different from participation in Zoom except the possibility of asking a live question.


We have created for you, the aforementioned Facebook group called #studyremotely with CAD Projekt K&A. In addition, we post this information to our fanpage @CAD K&A Project. If you don’t have Facebook, don’t worry, we also throw information into the MEET US section on our website and send out a newsletter informing about events. So make sure with your Sales Department Supervisor that you are subscribed to our e-mail list.


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