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Lucky edition of Łódź Design Festival 2017!

Guests of the Łódź Design Festival probably already know us very well, although at the beginning it was not so obvious. At Łódź Design Festival we are from 2011, as the only manufacturer of interior design software. We started with a modest stand and the program of CAD Decor 2.0, in the following years to become a co-initiator and co-creator of the Festival Designer Zone. One year later our premiere also had our “pearl” – CAD Decor PRO program. Throughout all these years, with the help of lectures, presentations and workshops in our exhibition space, we have been trying to bring you closer to the subject of interior design, supported by Polish, proprietary software made in Poznań 🙂 By agreeing with the slogan from 2013 “Interior Design is for the people” – we also talked about our vision of customer communication and innovative forms of interior design presentations such as CAD Share-it. We showed you Zuza, Ilona and Kasia, analyzing the topic of personalized design. Interior design with an efficient tool, which will result in a happy designer and customer.

During last year’s edition we returned to manual methods of interior design and sense of space. Together with you we have been thinking about how we perceive interior design. Professional or for fun, individually or together with the designer? Interior models and mini furniture, as well as a workshop on the blogosphere, were meant to help us answer on the questions asked. There is no single answer, everyone has to answer to himself. That is the point in this industry and in the profession of interior designer.

This year, everything will be new and we will be changing our location again and moving into our partners’ exhibitions to meet new challenges. You will find us at the Festival Art_Inkubator at the Art Factory, Tymienieckiego 3, C1 on the first floor. The world was mad and we were with him. How are we designing now? For what? Why? Individually, locally, for someone… And how do we present the effects of our work? Virtual, modern, matrix 😉 This year, as part of the festival, we want to present our latest solution in the field of project presentation. The visuals, videos, mobile presentations panorama 360… It already was… That’s why we go one step further, into virtual reality. VR in interior design. Fashion or modern norm? That’s what we want to talk about with you this year. The use of VR in the individual work of the interior designer with his client and the integration of VR with business, eg in the form of a virtual showroom. Come with us into the world of interior design at our booth and find your own way to design. We will also show you the visualizations made in our new render, which we are constantly working on! We will also collect questionnaires in which we will ask: “What else you can invent in interior design?” The three most interesting answers will be rewarded with CAD Decor Pro time keys and 3D goggles. And for all the guests who want to see how they can work in our software, we have a 50% discount on time keys!

Our children grow up and will grow up in a different world than we are. What will the world offer them and us in 5, 10 years? The biggest festival in Central and Eastern Europe, ŁDF, is a lot of inspiration in this matter. The organizers have prepared the premiere shows of two exhibitions referring to the future.

Exhibition of the prestigious London Design Museum “New Old – design for us in the future” encourages the reflection on the design dedicated to the elderly (curators: Helen Hamlyn and Jeremy Myerson). The exhibition “Urban Dreams“, which is organized by the Vitra Design Museum, is to study the possible scenarios of urban development (curators: Ronan and Erwan Bouroulle). As every year, you will also be able to see the best Polish implementations in the presentation of the results of the “must have” poll and the finalists of the 10th international competition “make me!” for young designers. This year’s attention is also attracted by international architectural fames. The special guest of the festival will be Jenny B. Osuldsen of the Snøhetta architectural studio, which debuted with a contract related to the Alexandrian Library in Egypt. Over a dozen years ago, this studio created the only cultural building in memory of the World Trade Center, at the same time opening a stationary office in New York. Participants of this year’s edition of the festival will also be able to listen to a lecture by Italian architect Renato Rizzi, who has worked for 10 years in New York at Peter Eiseman’s studio. Write in your calendars this lecture – “Look at architecture” – Sunday – 8.10.2017.

Łódź Design Festival is also a variety of workshops and discussions, such as ARCHIBLOG led by Filip Springer on Thursday, or BLOK TRENDY on Saturday, addressed primarily to architects and architectural lovers and trends in interior design. There are plenty of attractions and tours for children and lots of accompanying events. We invite you to the website of this unique festival where you can lay out your own adventure plan with the design.

We would like to remind you that CAD Projekt K & A will be located at Art_Inkubator Festival Center in Art Factory, Tymienieckiego 3, C1 on the first floor. See you in Łódź, it’s really worth it!

26 September 2017

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