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Industrial Chic – timeless minimalism in industrial style
Thanks to the timeless minimalism of the Industrial Chic collection, you will create a space that will seduce with its everlasting beauty. The use of convex, slightly shimmering granilia on graphics of worn cement makes the industrial lineage of the series acquire finesse and artistic sublimation. Such unique aesthetics allows for extremely original arrangements in the spirit of modern interior design trends. The Industrial Chic (“Celebration Edition”) collection consists of tiles in grit and graphite shades. In the grit colour we will find a structured tile with a geometric pattern and a Carpet decorative insert with delicate colours. They can be used with universal metal strips (mat or gold).

Elegant Surface – aristocratic elegance
Inspired by the harsh midnight landscape, the Elegant Surface collection combines organic and geometric forms with the effect of black and white granilia, giving the aristocratic character of the arranged room. The unique design of the series created on the 30th anniversary of the Paradyż brand (“Celebration Edition”) is a unique collage of colours and structures that brings to mind shiny surfaces, gentle waves and rhythmic depressions resulting from allied wind and snow forces. Elegant Surface impresses with a wealth of unique shades (bianco, nero, pearl, silver) and the unpredictability of forms transferred to the layer of decorative insert. The base plates from the collection complement the universal metal strips.

Pure City – an urban mosaic of structures
The lively metropolis is a unique mosaic of contrasts and unpredictability. A modern city with all its beauty and mysterious nature – this is the Pure City collection. Created specially for the 30th anniversary of the brand, the series (“Celebration Edition”) efficiently combines the unpredictability of a metropolis with its geometric, harmonized structure. The offer includes both raw and industrial elements (grit), as well as much more delicate variants, whose surface resembles a delicate fabric (bianco and modern, metallic graphite). The Pure City collection consists of smooth or structured base tiles with a matt surface, geometric decors and a mosaic connecting diamonds into hexagons. The perfect complement to the jubilee series are universal metal strips, emphasizing subdued base colours.

Shiny Lines – the secret of the Orient
Orient – the land of ancient secrets and unprecedented charm. Shimmering designs with silver-gold colours are the hallmark of a unique, exciting region that is the cradle of the world. They served as a direct inspiration to design the jubilee collection of Shiny Lines tiles, which was created to celebrate the 30-year presence of Ceramika Paradyż on the Polish market. The unique series includes: tiles with stone graphics, white, shiny tiles with a microstructure effect (with a unique relief drawing visible under the light), tiles with a metallic effect with a structure of fine, precise hexagons and decorative hexagons with a mirror surface and in oriental style ( floral and geometric motifs). Elements from the Shiny Lines collection can be supplemented and highlighted with universal slats (mat, mirror, gold).

Golden Hills – splendor of golden hillsA unique collection for a special jubilee
Golden Hills is an unusual series of tiles created especially for the 30th anniversary of Ceramika Paradyż (“Celebration Edition”). The inspiration for its creation was based on the breathtaking landscapes of North America – monumental rocks hiding precious ores and endless tracts covered with golden hills. Feel the liberating scent of freedom and freedom that fill this distant land! The uniqueness of the collection lies in the innovative technology – creating Golden Hills tiles, only innovative materials were used, thanks to which it was possible to obtain a unique stone-like structure with an “sugar effect” shimmering in the light. The jubilee series of tiles consists of structural base tiles (nero and gold) and an insert with the effect of “veins” embedded in the depth of black glass, which perfectly match universal metal or glass strips in gold.

Woodskin – a soothing composition of modernity, tradition and nature
Scandinavia, i.e. the cradle of refined aesthetics combining modernity with tradition. When designing the Woodskin series, the amazing nature of the European North was used. The charming scent of resin, the gentle litter crunch underfoot, the relaxing touch of bark – all this has been captured in the jubilee collection on the 30th anniversary of Ceramika Paradyż. Woodskin tiles in accordance with the “back to nature” philosophy will take you to another dimension, where civilization lives in symbiosis with flora and fauna. Calming minimalism will help you regain your inner balance and immerse yourself in a balsamic relaxation. The versatility of the Woodskin collection consisting in the classic combination of warm wood with a delicate gray of concrete opens up virtually unlimited arrangement possibilities, and the use of original structures and forms along with the play of light and shade allows you to create an extremely elegant interior. The offer of the jubilee series consists of base tiles (smooth and structural) in three shades (grit, brown, bianco) and decorative elements in the form of structural hexagons (grit, bianco and brown), which can be successfully combined with matt metal slats in silver Bianco shade or Pure City tiles.

Minimal Stone – a minimalist return to the bosom of nature
Do you dream about carelessness among the phenomenal landscapes created by the immeasurable power of nature? Move to the areas of the rocky islands of the Indian Ocean, where surrounded by majestic, extinct volcanoes and rocks bathed in crystalline water and golden sun you will find unrestrained peace. Minimalism and nature motif contained in the jubilee collection of Minimal Stone (“Celebration Edition”) are reflected, among others in three subdued shades of gray (grit, graphite, nero). The “back to nature” trend is smuggled in an extremely accurate interpretation of the stone, by carefully emphasizing its use (flash and microstructure effect), thanks to which the tiles from the Minimal Stone series impress with their organic face. The unique offer includes basic elements (available structural variants with irregular stripes) and decorative mosaics with a geometric motif. Minimal Stone tiles are best combined with universal metal slats in matt or polished.

Fire Rocks – an exciting game of contrasts
Atacama is a misty desert in western South America, whose harsh, dry climate accompanies the rough waves of the Pacific Ocean. You will move to this remote area with Fire Rocks tiles. Specially designed for the 30th anniversary of the Paradyż brand, the collection (“Celebration Edition”) is inspired by flora and fauna in its purest form – with all its rawness and original face. The uniqueness and diversity of nature was captured in the unique structure of stone tiles faithfully reproducing the authenticity of processes occurring in the natural environment. The Fire Rocks collection is also a bold and exciting game of contrasts in which the apparent chaos is mixed with harmony – the warmth of rock beige corresponds to the brown colour of corroded sheet metal (the wabi-sabi trend). Choose from unique tiles in different colours to create an extremely original space in your home!

Urban Colors – colours, structures and elements of nature around us
Moody parks, the intensity of the urban sky and the tinsel of elegant salons. Urban Colours draws inspiration from the richness of colours, structures and elements of nature that are characteristic of the space that surrounds us. The unique and coherent whole of the collection is created by intense colours and structures inspired by nature: linear, split stone and feathers. Just as Far Eastern origami art gives a new life to a piece of paper, so geometric forms transferred to the texture of tiles in small formats fill the space with invigorating energy. The combination of modernity and history presented with the help of the Urban Colours collection reveals great arrangement possibilities. The tiles from the collection include structural variants, smooth, shiny and metallized, which can be combined with universal glass strips. A special element of the collection are structural hexagons covered with gold, whose unique, oriental appearance gives the room an artistic atmosphere. The uniqueness of Urban Colours is further enhanced by the use of a special metallizer (gold and pearl shades) and the effect of unique lightening and darkening of the enamel.

The My Way database is distributed with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens with Ceramic Tiles Module. You can also download it using the internet updater or by clicking the link below.

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