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New features in the technical documentation in 3.1.1 and 7.1.1!

We have been creating subsequent software or service updates for years thanks to carefully verified and “worked through” suggestions from our clients. The flexibility of our interior design software and the various possible ways to achieve the same goal – an effective and efficient interior design – is an expression of our software development philosophy. It was similar with this update. This is a continuation of very large changes to the programs that we presented to you in October 2018.

With the transition to versions 3.0 and 7.0, we gave interior designers and architects a practically new tool. Getting used to a different rendering method and completely new technical documentation for each of our programs was quite a challenge for our clients and for us. However, it was worth it. New versions of our interior design programs are quick and photorealistic visualizations, modern design presentation options as well as professional, flexible and pleasant to receive technical documentation. Even before the premiere and long after it, we listened very carefully to all suggestions from our clients. That is why, together with versions 3.1 and 7.1 of our programs from January this year, we handed over a number of minor amendments to you, thanks to which the design or arrangement of interiors and the preparation of complete technical documentation has become even simpler, more consistent and intuitive. Especially for larger projects.

With 3.1.1 and 7.1.1 updates, we went one architectural step further in the technical documentation. We have 2 more specific functions for you to complete: implementation of a collective drawing and management of architectural symbols. It took a bit more time due to more complex topics. Thanks to your support, however, it was also possible this time. Now you can create technical drawings even faster and the way you like, and the collective drawing opens the door for you to understand and present to a larger group of contractors and investors. Your technical documentation can now be more interesting, readable and easier to read for everyone, and also provide you with significant savings in paper 😉

Below we describe the most important changes, but we strongly encourage you to read the documents linked in this article. In the description of new products, you will find a detailed description of the new functions in a very practical and clear way. The manual for the new technical documentation for all our software versions 3.1.1 and 7.1.1, in turn, is a mine of knowledge about all the news and changes in our professional technical documentation.


The collective drawing has been repeated in your suggestions for changes for a long time, which went to the development department from technical support, sales department or all hot discussions in social media. Who would have thought that technical documentation could arouse so much excitement:) Adding a collective drawing required major changes to the code from our developers, and a lot of analysis from the testing and training department. It is with all the greater satisfaction that we give you this completely new tool.

What is a collective drawing?

It is a page where you can present several views of selected pages of documentation at once, as well as other elements (images, tables, legends). You can decide to create a collective drawing during the configuration of a new documentation, and after its completion, using the “Add new page” option. The program allows us to quickly and intuitively insert up to 25 fields in a layout of up to 5 columns and 5 lines, in which you can show selected page views or their fragments.

If it is a page that contains symbols, tiles, or floors, appropriate legends with properties like those on the base pages will be added to the summary drawing along with the page view. For kitchen cabinets or countertops in the added view, the tables with their data will also be added automatically. What’s more, in the editing mode of the card, you can move the views in any direction within the field and zoom them in and out. The fields intended for presenting page views can also be freely moved on the page, as well as rotated and changed their size and shape.

We also took care of such practical options as DRAWING LAYERS. They now appear on the current documentation page, in the object page list in the right menu. After selecting or adding an object, the layer to which the object belongs will be automatically selected in the list of objects. For example, it allows you to quickly hide or remove all objects belonging to a given layer. The new entry in the list of objects “Drawing boundaries” allows you to hide the boundary line, if its presence is not desired.

Recently, you also mentioned the need to adapt the appearance of LEGENDA to your expectations. So we give you the opportunity to modify descriptions, including longer ones, and to change the fill color of the selected surface to any color. If you get too busy with these colors, you can always go back to the default settings.


If you ever lacked appropriate or specific symbols in our documentation, now you can create your own professional set of symbols yourself. A novelty is reading the CONNECTIONS symbols in the documentation inserted in the CAD environment using the new option in the “Editing wall elements” window. We also give you total freedom in creating symbols.

The new tool → SYMBOL EDITOR allows you to create marks from shapes inserted using the left menu, as well as from texts, references and dimension lines. Another way to create your own symbols is to modify the existing ones, e.g. by removing unnecessary parts, adding shapes or adding text. This is facilitated by the new “Break symbol” function available in the context menu. Self-created symbols can be deleted and the categories to which they have been assigned can be renamed. As before, they are subject to scaling, and their descriptions in the symbol legend can be freely changed.

Additionally, the list of electrical and construction symbols as well as windows and doors, available in the lower documentation menu, has been visually corrected and the scales of individual symbols have been adjusted.


We are proud of the educational materials that were successfully prepared together with these novelties. Therefore, once again, we encourage you to click on our orange buttons on the right and read the documents that we have prepared for you. In the designer area and in our update history you will find a very detailed description of all changes and a list of new files in our software.

If you have a current service package, a new version of your program is already waiting for you in the internet updater. Contact the technical support or sales department if you have any doubts. All interior designers and architects will find all the changes described above in the latest versions of our CAD Decor PRO 3.1.1, CAD Decor 3.1.1 and CAD Kitchens 7.1.1 programs.

Check, update and design! And we would like to thank you once again for all the suggestions for changes and submissions that we receive and which help us create interior design software tailored to your needs♥

See how it works with the new features!
Watch our 6-minute presentation video.

Jak to może wyglądać w CAD Decor PRO 3.1.1?

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