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New form of the festival, new challenges ahead!

We’ve always supported young talents and contests like must have or make me! Therefore, with great pleasure we have put ourselves in this role as aspiring designers this year and we have sent our application to the Open Program. It was nice to feel this invigorating thrill, that often accompanies new projects and challenges. Satisfaction after qualifying for selected exhibitions, as one of the few companies, is enormous. Trema too, but we are sure of our concept and what we want to show you. On the festival website, we read: “Open Program is a place for interesting, original activities that will enrich the program of the festival.” Here you can check the entire program:, also a description of our exhibition: “Synesthesia. Integrated perception.

It will be the eighth time at the Łódź Design Festival for us. We will be the only company in the interior design industry, which is both a great distinction for us and inspiration for innovative activities. So far, we have told you about our products, such as CAD Decor 2.0, CAD Share-it or CAD Decor PRO. Last year we organized a pre-premiere demonstration of the obserVeR application. We showed the presentation of the designed apartment in a virtual reality, talking with you about VR applications in the interior designer’s work, when establishing and maintaining a relationship with your client. We also collected surveys in which we asked: “What else is new in interior design you can come up with?”. Most of our guests from last year pointed involving next senses. Sight was not enough anymore, you also wanted to hear, feel, touch and create something by yourself. This year we were able to introduce the obserVeR application to our programs. As part of the May exhibition in virtual reality, we added more senses and in a few days we will give control over our virtual apartment to ŁDF participants.

We have treated the motto of this year’s edition REFLEKSJE very special. For a moment, we forgot about our interior design programs, and we focused on the challenges faced by interior designers. We focused on your expectations and our possibilities. This is how the exhibition “Synesthesia. Integrated perception ” was created. And, in addition to sight, also engages the sense of touch, hearing and smell, and above all gives the opportunity to change and interfere in the designed apartment. It’s all in virtual reality and in three styles of interior design: wabi sabi / jungle / minimal. Is the minimal style “#dull?” wabi sabi #ascetic, jungle #wild ? Check it out on your own. This year’s presentation resembles a computer game in which we give you the freedom of action. Man and technology is often a demanding relationship, especially now. Some people are delighted with technology, others are afraid of it. In both cases, there is one way to develop or tame this matter. Experience. The interior designer is primarily an “integrator”, a link between his knowledge, experience, investor needs and capabilities, and trends. Interior design programs and related applications, are then a tool that facilitates this communication. And where is VR technology in all of this? It tames and fascinates those who want to UNDERSTAND the interior design process.

Presentation of the project is the last step, the result of a long and difficult process that leads to an improvement in the quality of our lives. How we live and in which offices we work has a huge impact on our well-being, creativity, even our health. Recently we understand that the decision on which room we operate is very important. With the help of an innovative VR presentation dedicated only to the ŁDF, we want to show how important it is.

The last weekend of the festival – May 25-26 – is also a debate moderated by Michał Mazur “Trends: more than profit”and debates “Ideas and goals of the Association of Interior Architects” and “Love or throw! Why (we do not) fall in love with urban spaces “, the gala of must-have statuettes, lectures and power speach related to the subject of interior design, ARCHOBLOOK, an interesting LATARNIA project, workshops for children, FORM DESIGN fairs, the River of Things flea market and really lots of other projects. Check out this year’s program:

#cadprojektkaatłdf2018 #‎designwithcadprojektka‬‬

We would like to remind you that CAD Projekt K & A will be on May 25 and 26 at the Art_Inkubator Festival Center at Fabryka Sztuki, Tymienieckiego 3, building A at Format cafe on the ground floor. See you in Lodz, it’s really worth being there!

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