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News from the Radaway brand

Full of contrasts – subtle on the one hand, and very expressive on the other. This is what Radaway’s Hypnotic line is. The collection is distinguished primarily by black profiles, and on some models also black frames and muntins. These elements combined with glass add elegance to the interior, emphasize the nobility of the materials used in it, and meet the expectations of even the most demanding enthusiasts of original design. Now all models are available in 3D version. Among them you can find popular cabins, recess doors and bath screens from the Modo New, Idea, Essenza New and Nes series. All models have anodized, elegant black profiles that emphasize the character of the bathroom. Factory and Frame versions with black frames or mullions made of ceramic paint, which are combined with glass in the toughening process, are also available in the series. The method of applying decorations ensures durability and above-average quality. This is an excellent proposition for people who are looking for originality.

In the database of 3D models you can also find the Nes series in the chrome version. It consists of 12 models of shower cabins, 7 models of niche doors and 3 models of screens. Their diversity allows you to use them to arrange the room in many styles and for unusual design situations. The series is characterized by modern design and elegance, which on the one hand delight with their versatility and on the other with their originality. The advantage of the series is a special system that allows leveling the wall curvature up to 15 mm. This is a huge advantage for a bathroom located in a block of flats or in old buildings, where the problem of crooked walls often occurs. An additional convenience is the possibility of installing a towel rail on the windshield.

All Radaway products are made of safe 6, 8 or 10 mm tempered glass covered with a hydrophobic EasyClean® coating that prevents scale build-up, unsightly stains and other contaminants. Glass is available in several colours, including UltraClear, Pixarena, Satinato, graphite or brown. Some models are available in the laser engraving service. You can also use the “Tailor-made” program, which allows you to adjust the dimensions to almost any arrangement situation.

You can read more information about products at

The Radaway database is distributed with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens. You can also download it using the internet updater or by clicking the link below.

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