CAD Decor PRO 3.X


AD Decor PRO is an innovative, professional comprehensive program for designing, valuation, creating technical documentation and photorealistic visualization or other forms of presentation of any interior. It combines all advantages of our two popular systems: CAD Kitchen and CAD Decor, this is: designing kitchen cabinets, dynamic 3D modeling, unique features of arrangement, edition and optimization of ceramic tiles, management of materials and textures, various databases of 3D models, extensive and diverse databases and specialized functions of the Render PRO Module. How to design interiors? Only with CAD Decor PRO!

CAD Decor 3.X


ur experience and concern for meeting expectations of even the most demanding customers led to creating an excellent multifunctional tool for interior designers – CAD Decor 3.X. Few CAD applications give such freedom and versatility in creating space at the same time offering advanced visualization and technical documentation functions. CAD Decor is the best choice for people for whom aesthetics are just as important as precision of the project. Another advantage highly intuitive operation of the program, thanks to which the consequent stages of work follow smoothly and easily. Designing with CAD Decor 3.X is a real pleasure even for a layman in the CAD field.

CAD Kitchens 7.X


AD Kitchens is the program with which we started our great adventure with programs for computer aided interior design. It is a complex solution for professional designers of kitchens and ideal marketing tool for kitchen furniture showrooms. CAD Kitchens enables the creation of detailed and precise projects together with a full valuation and reports of used furniture and other elements. In the producer version it is possible to send an order via e-mail. We distribute the Universal Database of kitchen cabinets together with the CAD Kitchens 7.X program. We also add libraries of kitchen furniture and various 3D models of the most well-known Polish and foreign manufacturers (in some cases producer’s consent is requested).

CAD Cut 4.X


ne of the basic conditions of a financial success in furniture industry is optimally low expenditure of spend resources and used materials. The key to this success may be the program CAD Cut, which optimize the cutting patterns of boards, and is dedicated for furniture plants and carpentry workshops.

Render PRO


ender PRO is a modern tool used for very advanced interior rendering. Its main task is ensuring a perfect quality of the visualization in a relatively short calculation time (for example photorealistic visualizations of houses, apartments and commercial facilities). It is an integral part of CAD Decor PRO and an additional module with CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens. With our Render PRO visualization of the interior will be extremely fast and pleasant.

CAD Share-it


AD Share-it is an application enabling managing 3D designs in a cloud and easy sharing them with users of mobile devices. It is an innovative solution created for interior designers, who seek unconventional, interactive forms of presentation, as well as for their customers, who can now ‘visit’ the designed interior online. Share-it system allows to convenient and fast exporting visualizations of 3D designs from our programs to smartphones and tablets with Android systems, PC computers and a source code of your own website. We’ve added an additional feature – CAD Share-it for Android on 3D Cardboard goggles and their plastic equivalents in December 2016. However, in order to be able to run such a portable virtual reality in the free CAD Share-it mobile app on a smartphone or other mobile device, You need a gyroscope and at least 4 Android versions!

Wardrobe Module


ardrobe Module is an optional module for designing corner wardrobes, closet arrangements and bookshelves, with 2D and 3D visualization, automatic generation of technical documentation, pricelist editor and the error control system. It operates in accordance with the way interior designers and architects plan their work and is compatible with our software for interior design. Thanks to that designing of wardrobes goes quickly, smoothly and intuitively. In addition, transparent final reports and cooperation with CAD Cut make it a handy tool also for small and medium-sized furniture producers and carpenters, manufacturing custom wardrobes.

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