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Paradyż Ceramics – Recent collections

Discover the 12 new collections from Paradyż Ceramics. In the latest database you will find such collections as: Craftland, Iceland, Nordland, Wildland, Hall Ivory, Hybrid Stone, universal glass mosaics, cut mosaics, Scratch collection updates and Amelia, Livia, Caya collections described below.

AMELIA – An exotic journey into the unknown
Feel the scent of exotic nature, be amazed by the richness of its colours and listen to intriguing melodies flowing from the farthest corners of the tropical forest. You will feel all this thanks to Amelia’s unique collection, which will take you on a great sea expedition to the shores of the Caribbean islands. Thanks to its original visual setting (impressive panel with flora and fauna motifs) and rich colour palette inspired by jungle motifs (green, coral, turquoise), the wall tiles give the rooms their allure and attractiveness. Matt base tiles in size 25×75 cm and decorative elements of the Amelia collection in a truly masterful style fill the space with a tasteful avant-garde, also thanks to inserts with a mirror effect (high quality raw materials – scent and granillia shimmering).

LIVIA – Classic beauty in the best style
It delights with its unique beauty and brings sublime, timeless elegance to space – noble calacatta marble. It is this marble that served as a direct inspiration for the Livia collection, which refers to the best traditions of classical culture and antiquity. The wall tiles in the size of 25×75 cm are the answer to the demand of all those looking for a luxurious design without unnecessary splendour and noises. The Livia collection consists of: bianco base tiles, richly ornamented inserto (geometric grid designed using platinum – mirror and granilla shimmering) and a structural model with pillow rhombuses.

CAYA – Classic design in a unique edition
Using centuries-old sewing and embroidery traditions and following the example of modern fashion shows, the unique Caya collection was created. As a tribute to the complex art, wall tiles were designed, whose style refers to classical design, additionally inspired by fabrics and their form (structural inserto). The result of this work are tiles with a size of 25×75 cm in variants allowing to arrange a unique interior. The Caya collection includes matt base models and decorative inserto with embroidery patterns (crosswise, richelieu) in shades of white and beige. Arrange your space so that you feel special in it every day!

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The Paradyż Ceramics database is distributed with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens with Ceramic Tiles Module. You can also download it using the internet updater or by clicking the link below.

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