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Paradyż Ceramika – industrial novelties

The latest database of Ceramika Paradyz presents Home of Concrete, i.e. six unique collections with subdued cement colors. The authenticity of the reproduction together with modern graphics obtained from the combination of cement with a fashionable tarazzo will delight many admirers of industrial spaces. All collections available in our database have the formats 59.8 × 119.8 and 59.8 × 59.8 cm.

The essence of strength and peace. The concrete structure is enriched with dust particles, which gives the interior an expression consistent with the refined style of your customers. Universal shades of deep gray in combination with the graphics of granular cement will provide what is most important in the home – a sense of peace, inner strength and security.

Characteristic uniqueness inspired by nature. Muted colors of clay, graphite and anthracite were broken with shades of indigo, inclusions of shimmering grains.

Cool and warm shades of gray create an expressive face of concrete. Polished tiles provide a large, uniform surface that resembles a light-reflecting pane.

Discreet nobility hidden in concrete. A combination of the shine of precious silk with the raw subtlety of concrete. Completed with decorations with a geometric pattern inspired by the formwork.

Inspire your customers with the depth of the night sky illuminated by the stars. The raw shades of concrete, broken by colorful accents, will create a field for original, atmospheric arrangements. Patterns reminiscent of illuminated galaxies will give an expression characteristic of boutique hotels and the most famous restaurants in European metropolises.

Subdued colors of beige and gray give the character of a house drenched by the rays of the sun. A drawing of a stone embedded in a concrete texture will become a solid foundation giving strength and energy to act.

More information on the manufacturer’s website.

The Ceramika Paradyż database is distributed with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens with a Ceramic Tile Module. It can also be downloaded using the internet updater or by clicking on the link below.

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