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Paradyż Ceramika – the power of nature

Home of Stone is the 7 latest collections of Ceramika Paradyż inspired by stone in the following formats: 59,8 × 119,8 and 59,8 × 59,8 cm. Universal colors and trendy graphics have been varied, among others shiny veins that will enliven a peaceful interior The authentic reproduction of natural stone is a safe solution for many years.

We present unique collections inspired by stone, which you can find in the Paradyż Ceramika database.

  • LIGHTSTONE – Calm summer days

Live in the comfort of your home on solid foundations. Choose the LIGHTSTONE collection and create beautiful, timeless arrangements that you will enjoy for many years to come. The universal shades of beige and gray, referring to the Mediterranean beaches, will provide a pleasant environment for spending warm, peaceful moments. Tiles from the LIGHTSTONE collection with subtle, noble stone graphics will allow you to create your dream interior, in which you will feel comfortable and safe. Make yourself a place for a pleasant rest.

  • LINEARSTONE – Sunny interior with a mood

Discover the unique comfort of living surrounded by nobility and beauty. The LINEARSTONE collection was inspired by natural, sun-saturated rocks of the Portuguese coast, associated with a romantic journey for two. Shades of beige will allow you to introduce a warm and sublime atmosphere to the interior, which will encourage you to take full advantage of every day. Choose tiles that will allow you to fully express your unique style.

  • MARVELSTONE – A true power of nature

Your source of daily energy is at your fingertips. Inspired by natural stone, the MARVELSTONE collection will allow you to prepare for whatever the new day brings. Thanks to the combination of the expressiveness of raw concrete and the nobility of natural stone, the space will become a place where you will gain strength. Opt for a modern, industrial arrangement in which you will feel comfortable and confident.

  • SMOOTHSTONE – Interiors in in a satin frame

Sometimes you want to shine in the palace ballroom, and sometimes you want to nestle into the privacy of your home? The SMOOTHSTONE collection will respond to your needs in a harmonious way. Choose a noble stone pattern with a sandy pattern and a delicate, satin finish that will delight you and inspire you to make your dreams come true. The SMOOTHSTONE collection will be the perfect background for vivid colors, enriched with a note of refined elegance of mosaics with sensual and jewelry shapes.

  • WONDERSTONE – Elegance in stone

Bet on the interpenetrating colors of the stone, thanks to which you will rediscover the everlasting elegance of marble. The WONDERSTONE collection will allow you to combine the sophistication of captivating shades of gray with the expressiveness of a pattern made of white veins. Decorated according to your taste, the interior will delight with a timeless style, referring to Mediterranean palaces. The collection will perfectly match natural wood, creating a sophisticated duo of raw beauty with warm details.

  • ELEGANTSTONE – Bright house

Create an interior full of everlasting elegance and style thanks to the ELEGANTSTONE collection. Delicate shades of white, perfectly reflecting the appearance of light onyx, will add elegance to any room. Brazilian, Uruguayan and Indian varieties of onyx have inspired people to spiritual development for centuries. The collection will allow you to surround yourself with positive energy and a sense of harmony on a daily basis. In such arranged interiors you will find it easier to gain clarity of mind and regenerate your strength. The ELEGANTSTONE collection will transform your home into a creative, quiet haven, far from the everyday hustle and bustle.

  • ARTSTONE – A timeless classic of black

The smell of spicy perfumes, the gleam of gold jewelry and the elegance of evening outfits – the ARTSTONE collection will allow you to feel the sophistication of the most elegant parties at home. The collection is inspired by natural black marble, which has been a determinant of the best taste for centuries. Shiny golden lines embedded in matte plates introduce an element of dynamism. Thanks to the contrasting combination of gold and deep black, the interior will acquire a refined expression that will catch the eye of the guests. Regardless of whether you combine tiles with a warm wood texture or the raw gray of concrete, ARTSTONE will emphasize your unique style in the interior.


A new dimension of space arrangement. The 2 cm thick terrace tiles contain the best technical parameters and patterns in line with the latest trends.

  • MINISTER – the non-obvious beauty of nature

Nature has many names, and at the same time it can amaze with the richness of its diversity. It combines elements that touch the heart at first sight and those that hide non-obvious beauty. Searching for it where it is not visible at first glance, the Minster collection was created, reflecting the seasonality of nature, creating a unique show of colors and natural forms. Warm shades (dark, rocky Rustic and lighter, sandstone Multi), slate structure, expressive discoloration – these features make the terrace tiles available in the 59,5 x 89,5 cm format create an extremely natural arrangement, perfectly fitting into the surrounding nature and climate.

  • MADERA – unique naturalness with a modern twist

Imagine a warm, unhurried summer day. Move to a lush garden bathed in sunlight and filled with delightful flora, which spreads a soothing fragrance around it and enchants with a palette of beautiful colors. Relax with the Madera terrace tiles collection in the 29,5 x 119,5 cm format from the latest Ceramika Paradyż collection! Their high degree of authenticity will give the space around you a unique naturalness, while at the same time matching modern trends. Numerous abrasions, the effect of tarnished, sun-scorched wood, Scandinavian colors of beige and cool brown, the structure of an old board – these unique features of Madeira tiles will make your garden, balcony or terrace create a symbiotic composition with the surrounding nature.

  • SHERWOOD – natural and modern

The Sherwood collection will take you to a place where there is no rush, and the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility is in the air. Thanks to the use of a characteristic wood structure, unique graphics showing the grains and delicate shades of gray and beige reflecting the natural raw material, it was possible to achieve a high degree of authenticity. Sherwood tiles in the 29,5 x 119,5 cm format, intended for outdoor use, are perfect for creating inspiring terraces, balconies and gardens integrated with nature and designed in the spirit of modern arrangement trends.

  • WILLOW – relaxing moments surrounded by nature

Do you want a place where you can relax after a long, hard day? All you need is a balcony or a small terrace and an interestingly arranged space. You can create it with unique terrace tiles from the Willow collection. Their warm colors (beige, ocher, brown) and the structure with characteristic rings of oak wood create an extremely inspiring and natural whole. The universal nature of the tiles makes them compatible with natural stones (sandstone, pebble, gravel, sand, concrete), bringing the element of uniqueness to the surroundings arranged in any style. Willow terrace tiles with a thickness of 2 cm (available in the basic size of 29,5 x 119,5 cm) are characterized by excellent durability (glazed porcelain), resistance to weather conditions (rain, snow, frost), high anti-slip properties and easy installation and disassembly.

  • WETWOOD – a sweet memory of summer

Gentle wind swaying the treetops, light waves wobbling with buoys, the rustle of the sails spread, a soaked quay that soothes your feet during a hot day – a typical summer day at the lake. Do you want your holiday memories to come back to you every day? Check out the unique collection of Wetwood terrace tiles (size – 29,5 x 119,5 cm), which will introduce an original mix of effects (soaked wood, various discolorations) and colors (available variants – beige, brown and gray) into your private space. Thanks to the thickness of up to 2 cm, high resistance to weather conditions and anti-slip properties, the series is ideal for garden and terrace applications. The universal character and easy installation of Wetwood tiles allows you to create unusual compositions using natural stone, concrete, gravel or sand.

  • RUSTIC GOLD– Warmth and naturalness in your garden

Do you want a garden in which the warm, natural shade of the stone will perfectly match the soothing greenery? Check out the Rustic Gold 2.0 collection with a characteristic slate structure, thanks to which you will create a unique, organic space. The universal nature of the rectified glazed stoneware terrace tiles (size – 59,5 x 59,5 cm, thickness – 20 mm, various graphics with rusty-golden shades) creates great arrangement possibilities – they can be successfully combined with wood, decorative stones (e.g. sandstone or pebbles), gravel, sand or concrete structures. The collection is therefore suitable for both rustic and minimalist styles. Exceptional resistance to weather conditions, high anti-slip properties, extremely user-friendly assembly and disassembly system on a natural surface (gravel, grass, sand) – these features make Rustic Gold 2.0 terrace tiles a perfect complement to a beautiful garden.

  • OPTIMAL – In harmony with nature

Imagine a hot day, when the warm air is cooled by a gentle breeze that subtly caresses your skin. The soothing feeling permeates your entire body, and you enjoy a moment of relaxation in the garden or on the summer terrace among the soothing greenery and the sensual fragrance of flowers. Thanks to the unique Optimal series, you will create a unique space around your home – winding paths surrounded by conifers, cozy nooks with colorful flora surrounding it, places to rest and relax on warm days. Achieve lasting harmony with nature with a series of frost-resistant terrace tiles in the format 59,5 x 59,5 cm. Choose from a subtle color palette (beige, grit, anthracite, graphite) to create an enclave of beauty in your garden. The innovation of Optimal terrace tiles is based on a special assembly technique – stable supports allow for the construction of a ventilated terrace, aesthetic finishing of the edges and laying on the grass to create a relaxation zone or path.

  • GARDEN – A marriage of nature and style

The Garden collection, inspired by the natural shades and textures of sandstone, granite and marble, is in line with the trend of combining usable surfaces – both external and internal. Neutral, sometimes cooler or warmer, shades of tiles included in the collection (Beige, Grys, Graphite, Anthracite, Umbra) in the 59.5 × 59.5 cm format are perfect for arranging a leisure space. Reorganization of the garden, marking out paths facilitating movement among greenery, designating a place for garden furniture and a barbecue – a stylish metamorphosis of the outdoor surface with the Garden collection becomes simple and pleasant. The structure of the tiles imitating natural rock fits well with garden vegetation. The smooth transition between the living room, referring in its arrangement to rock motifs, and the garden, using tiles from the Garden collection, contributes to the consistency of the style dominating in the building and around it.

  • PATH – In harmony with nature

The collection of Path Ceramika Paradyż floor tiles will be appreciated by supporters of modern interiors inspired by nature. It will be perfect for those who seek relief after a busy day – away from the city noise and the tangle of everyday duties. Subtle shades of gray, typical of natural rocks, create a dynamic, tonal pattern, reminiscent of a mountain path. Thanks to perfectly smooth edges, rectified tiles can be laid with a minimal joint, creating the effect of a homogeneous surface. These tiles are easy to assemble and disassemble. They can be laid on grass, gravel or sand without the use of specialized equipment, professionals and additional building materials. The enlarged 59,5 × 59,5 cm format emphasizes the spaciousness of both the interior and the arranged outdoor space. Thanks to the high technical parameters obtained, among others 2 cm thick, resistant to high and low temperatures and great durability, Path porcelain tiles will work great outdoors and in utility spaces – terraces, garage driveways, offices, hotels or restaurants.

  • TERRACE – Terrace, an extension of a stylish living room

The Terrace collection, inspired by the coloring of natural rocks under the influence of constant light exposure, allows you to give your leisure space a unique, modern style. The cool, extremely subdued shades of the floor tiles subtly harmonize with the garden greenery visible from the terrace, while the warmer colors of the tiles add a homely character to the outdoor leisure space. Terrace tiles shimmer with a range of natural shades under the influence of sunlight. The color triad included in the collection (Beige, Grys, Grafit) is available in the 59,5 × 59,5 cm format, which enables the development of both large and smaller areas. The tiles are 2 cm thick, which means that they are not afraid of any weather conditions or even the highest traffic intensity!

  • BURLINGTON – Unique charm in the garden

Thanks to the design that reflects the natural stone with the pattern and structure, tiles from the Burlington series can be adapted to your individual needs, creating an original and unique space. Their large size (59,5 x 89,5 cm and 59,5 x 59,5 cm), organo-matte texture and discreet shades (sand – Ivory, brown-rusty – Rust, silver – Silver, dark blue – Blue) perfectly they blend in with nature, constituting an integral and coherent whole. Frost-resistant Burlington glazed stoneware tiles are a marriage of modernity and outstanding practicality – the mounting technique with brackets allows you to create visually attractive ventilation terraces and durable garden paths. Surround yourself with uniqueness!

More information on the manufacturer’s website.

The Paradyż Ceramika database is distributed from CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens with a Ceramic Tile Module. It can also be downloaded using the internet updater or by clicking on the link below.

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