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Paradyż Classica – The latest collections

FIORI – The avant-garde garden in your house
You want your life to take on pastel colors? With Fiori ceramic tiles it is possible! This unique collection will transform your space into a beautiful garden paradise full of soothing shades (white, coral, blue) and will give the rooms an avant-garde, artistic face. Fiori is an extremely original set of tiles inspired by nature and the jungle trend, which was designed for modern bathroom and kitchen arrangements. It includes: glossy base tiles in size 30×60 cm (four variants – bianco, blue, coral, bianco structure), matt insert with a floral motif (size – 30×60 cm) and small-format decorative elements (size – 9,8×29,8 cm, shades – coral, blue).

DIAMANTE – traditional style in a refreshed version
Traditionalism in a refreshed edition – this is how Diamante tiles designed for kitchen and bathroom arrangements can be described in short. Their patchwork character and calming palette are an antithesis to the technocentric world. Diamante tiles perfectly blend in with dark wood, white and bottle greenery, creating an idyllic atmosphere filled with the warmth of youthful memories. Diamante collection consists of three unique patterns inspired by cross-embroidery and geometry, which introduce tradition to space in its best, progressive way.

PORCELANO – The beauty of tradition in the modern world
Porcelain is the realization of a vision in which the past intertwines with the present, creating a symbiotic relationship. Despite the strong tradition, in addition to white, the Porcelano collection reaches for the trendy colors of bottle green and intense navy blue. The unique offer of wall tiles is an ode to the value of the past world, which is reflected in beautiful, glossy decorative elements inspired by hand-painted decorations on porcelain (30×60 format decorations) and base models (size – 30×60 cm) available in various colour variants (blue, green, bianco) and surface (matt and structure).

ANELLO – Masterful marriage of gold and stone
Stone and gold – a perfect combination that has become a direct impulse to create Anello wall tiles. Traditional styling allowed to design patterns with subdued and warm characteristics, introducing a touch of luxury and a pinch of sublime elegance into the interior, while organic and geometric motifs were smuggled in as decorative inserts (size 30×60 cm, glossy surface). Despite its apparent eclecticism, the Anello collection presents an unusually coherent and harmonious vision, which is complemented by smooth and structural 30×60 cm base plates made in monoporosis technology.

PALAZZO – Be the master of your home!
Your home is your kingdom – here you can do whatever you want and it is only up to you how you arrange the space that surrounds you. If you see elegance as one of the hallmarks of luxury, the Palazzo collection is sure to appeal to you. The wide range of wall tiles for the kitchen and bathroom consists of: base tiles in size 30×60 cm (structural and glossy versions), decorative inserts (size – 30×60 cm, available variants – shine and ornament), ceramic strips 8×60 cm, and floor tiles (small format) in size 40×40 cm. All products from the Palazzo collection are available in fashionable shades of cream beige and golden marble brown.

More information about the collections is available on the manufacturer’s website.

The Paradyż Classica database is distributed with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens with Ceramic Tiles Module. You can also download it using the internet updater or by clicking the link below.

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