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Paradyż hexagonal tiles in our programs

In cooperation with Paradyż we have prepared another update of the ceramic tile base. This time to the programs hit the tiles in the board format from the collection of Aveiro, Roble, Tammi. Inspired by the beauty of wood, the collections combine the calm of the natural decor with the durability of the Paradyż brand, which in turn gives the product a perfect fit into the interior designed for the customer looking for Scandinavian peace and warmth of the home fire.

Another novelty is the hexagonal tiles from Esagon and Hexx collections, after the last update, you can arrange with a tool that has been reserved for rectangular tiles only. This makes it possible to prepare tile sets and save them, giving you new possibilities for comfortable design.

In the Hexx collection there are 5 decors in size 30×26 cm that will give the interior a modern character. The Esagon collection is 20 decors in 17,1×19,8 and 19,8×17,1 cm sizes, which will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The new Paradyż tiles base is distributed with: CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens with Ceramic Tiles Module. The database can be downloaded using the updater and our website database.

Notes on hexagonal tiles:
• It is not possible to add your own tile collections.
• In the Ceramic Tiles Module, which is an extension to CAD Kitchens, it is not possible to create tile sets.

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