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Pearl collection of Pietrasanta and competition for architects!

The 3rd stage of voting for Pearls of Ceramics 2017 has recently ended. Thus, the last collection highlighted this year is PIETRASANTA by Korzilius (from the Tubądzin Group), and that means – the collection received the prestigious title of Pearl of Ceramics – CAD Decor 2017 users. The winner was selected from among 16 nominees for the third edition of the competition.
PIETRASANTA collection are modular tiles that can be laid both on the walls and on the floors. The manufacturer recommends laying in buildings as well as in their surroundings. In matt version, tiles can be laid in buildings with high traffic. The inspiration for creating this collection is Italian marble, mined near Pietrasanta.

Competition for architects.
We would also like to remind you that in this year’s edition, apart from the PIETRASANTA collection, the ZANZIBAR collection from Azario and FRENCH BRAID from Opoczno were awarded.

End of the third stage of voting is also the beginning of the competition for architects working on the programs from our offer. We encourage you to download the latest database from our website, where you can find all this year’s “pearly” collections.

Submitting an application for the competition is possible only through the website:

The contest will participate only those works that meet the requirements listed on the site.

Winners will receive the following prizes:

  • main prize: PLN 4,500 gross and voucher worth PLN 3,333 gross for use in the purchase of any application or services in CAD Projekt K&A
  • second prize: PLN 2,250 gross and two-day training on CAD Projekt K&A tools
  • third prize: PLN 1,150 gross and one-day training on CAD Projekt K&A tools

The deadline for submitting applications is passing 4 January 2018.

The base of PEARL OF CERAMICS UE 2017 can be downloaded from our website by clicking the link below. The database is compatible with our programs: CAD Decor, CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens with a Ceramic Tiles Module.

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