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Photo competition OUR BATHROOMS 2018 – we know the winners!

“The bathroom, right after the kitchen, is the most strategic room in the house. It is important because there we are preparing to go out, we care about hygiene and beauty, but we also rest. Unfortunately, many of us have small bathrooms, where instead of the dream bathtub, in which you can take a long, relaxing bath, there is a shower cabin. Creativity, however, is a great strength, and often these small rooms change into designer masterpieces, and even the bath will have space ;)”. That’s how we wrote to encourage you to take part in the annual photo contest that which we patronize. The competition has ended. Now it’s time to announce the results.

CAD Projekt K & A helped the organizers to choose the winning, most interesting photo of the original bathroom. Several hundred photos were sent, which presented a very high level, so the choice was not easy.

The first place and the highest cash prize in the amount of PLN 1,500 were awarded to Rafał Ś. His spacious and bright bathroom, combining elements of industrial style with the Scandinavian climate, the jury was the most delighted. Many wooden elements and omnipresent brightness soothingly affect the soul, and extraordinary accessories like mirrors and a loft lamp add a “claw” to this place. Congratulations on the bathroom and winning! 🙂

The dark, elegant bathroom of Mrs Beata C., who won the second prize – PLN 600 proves that not only spacious rooms can impress. We at CAD Projekt K&A like to mix styles, so the combination of elegant, dark colours complemented with copper accessories with ethnic elements – we like it very much. Well done for this bathroom! 👏

Third place and PLN 300 went to Mrs Mariola M. and her well-lit bathroom. Yes, light plays an important role here as well as wood. And this bathtub … mmmm 😍

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who sent their pictures!

All competition photos can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Gallery of all competition photos “Our bathrooms 2018”.

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