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Photo competition “Our bathrooms 2018” – X edition

The bathroom right after the kitchen is the most strategic room in the house. It is important because we are preparing to go out there, we care about hygiene and beauty, but we also rest. Unfortunately, many of us have small bathrooms, where instead of the dream bathtub, in which you can take a long, relaxing bath, there is a shower cabin. Creativity, however, is a great power and often these small rooms change into designer masterpieces, and even there will be a place for a bathtub:)
It does not matter if your bathroom is tiny or spacious like a ballroom, if you’re proud of its, show it to us in the picture! We invite you to participate in the competition, organized by the industry portal – ł, and CAD Projekt K&A is once again the patron of the competition and is part of the jury.

The best projects will receive cash prizes. The ingenuity of the arrangement and the quality of the photos will be rated. Remember that everyone has a chance and you do not have to be an architect or interior designer to win!

What are the rules? Simple! 🙂

Applications are accepted until 15 September 2018. Photo / up to 5 photos should show your bathroom, no people or animals inside the room. Finished photos send to or via Facebook. The declaration must be accompanied by the statement contained in the Regulations.

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