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Polish artists – a new universal database in our programs

Combining interiors with elements of culture with its history dates back to prehistory. Our original ancestors felt the need to decorate the walls of their caves. For centuries, humanity has changed its technical capabilities, and with it the perception of art. From simple pictures we have come a long way to abstraction, which requires a bit more focus and imagination from the viewer.

On the one hand, art complements the interior, creates a climate of the place, on the other it is a way to show the sensitivity of residents. When designing an interior, it is worth getting to know your client, find out which artists he likes and prepare the design, so that the paintings and sculptures are consistent with both the design and the taste of the recipients.

To facilitate this task and at the same time promote native art, we have prepared a database of Polish artists. In the first one we present the works of Damian Hornet. Photographer and traveler who feels great both in the fleeting moments and in long-term projects refined in the smallest details. The artist’s works take the viewer on a journey through the world of details. It captures symmetries and peace from reality, which can perfectly blend into any interior.

In the database you will find 24 framed photographs in the form of 3D models. Each of the photos is available in several sizes to choose the best for the interior. If photography appeals to customers, it can be ordered framed in one of the available sizes directly from the creator.

You can read more about the artist’s work at:

The Polish artists database is distributed with CAD Decor, CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens. The database is available only to customers who have a service package. It can be downloaded via the internet updater or directly, using the link in the message sent to customers who have the package.

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