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Polish Artists – architectural novelties!

The area of Natalia Rozmus‘ artistic search is architecture. From abstract, geometric, ascetic and even monochromatic treatment of space to colourful, warm and light urban landscapes. It is still the same Rozmus! He experiments more and more boldly with the form of message, the emotions of the viewer and the content of the works. The city is the most interesting topic for her, she replaces landscape in a traditional concept. People are not here. Architecture becomes monumental because it is deprived of detail, users and accompanying nature. Space, solids, lines, directions, air and light build up tension, introduce anxiety while giving the impression of perfect silence. These are not travel souvenirs – these are compositions that follow the architects, they are interpretations of life in a city where we are not present – only form and impression remains.

In the database you will find images of the author in the form of 3D models. If you like the picture, you can order it in one of the available sizes directly from the author

The Polish artists database is distributed with CAD Decor, CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens. The database is available only to customers who have a service package. It can be downloaded via the internet updater or directly, using the link in the message sent to customers who have the package.

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