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Polish Artists – Man and his emotions!

New artist in the universal database of 3D models Polish Artists. Another photographer Marek Lapis. He photographs niche environments, alienated from the generally understood society. In photography, he is mainly interested in HUMAN and his EMOTIONS. It shows what most people look at, but do not notice. Thanks to his great sensitivity, he reaches and notices even the smallest moments in the life of another human being, capturing them on the films of his camera. He creates his visual images directly on the matrix or negative of the camera, pouring his baggage of visual experience into the final photographic image. He loves to observe people in their everyday activities and find the essence of the image in them, draw inspiration rather than create an unreal world in the computer. She searches for many visual meanings of a given situation, composition, so that the viewer can easily read the author’s intentions. He presents moments suspended in time, without clear answers, with many understatements and question marks. In this situation, the viewer is left alone with a punch line, he can interpret the watched work in his own way.

On a daily basis Marek Lapis rejects colour – pointing it out as an aggressive factor that distracts attention from the core of the picture. 90% of his works are made in black and white colours.

In the database you will find photographs in the form of 3D models. Each photo is available in several sizes to choose the best one for your interior. If you like the photo, you can order it framed in one of the available sizes directly from the artist.

The Polish artists database is distributed with CAD Decor, CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens. The database is available only to customers who have a service package. It can be downloaded via the internet updater or directly, using the link in the message sent to customers who have the package.

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