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Try to design your own unique apartment or office and you will see, that it can be great fun!


n 2005, we launched a universal, free program for spatial design of any on-line rooms. From the very beginning, our network visualizations of apartment interiors have been very popular, both among individual customers and our business partners, for whom it is important to integrate their products into a professional interior design. The netDecor program is its latest version, used by DIY stores – decorative, furniture and ceramic tile manufacturers. Also available in the form of various producer versions on internet portals and programs integrated with the ordering system and product database. It is also an innovative, free on-line application with which you can start your adventure with design. Currently, you will find it under the name Power NET +, but we are currently working on a new version of netDecor also for individual customers.

Why netDecor?

  • using the program is intuitive, and designing is fast and pleasant,
  • allows you to create a realistic, three-dimensional project in just a few minutes,
  • selected views can be saved as photos on a computer disk or printed,
  • enables the creation of kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and office designs, any shapes and dimensions in 2D and 3D,
  • the latest version of the application contains a rich database of universal interior design elements, updated on a regular basis, such as models of furniture and appliances for kitchens, rooms, offices and bathrooms.

Designing in 3D with netDecor is currently possible through the following websites:

www.leroymerlin.pl – designing functional rooms and fences with a wide range of Leroy Merlin

www.komfort.pl – kitchen and living room design with the possibility of assortment ordering

www.obi.pl – designing functional bathroom and kitchen with a wide range of OBI

www.allegro.pl – “Interior Designer Zone” allows you to design interiors and associate products with offers on the allegro platform

www.bodzio.pl – designing functional rooms  with a wide range of BODZIO

www.merkurymarket.pl – online design with the use of Merkury Market and Baumax stores

www.abra-meble.pl – kitchen design using the range of Abra Meble stores

www.feldmann-wohnen.de – Designing a kitchen with the Feldmann Preisnert Wohnen range

Power NET + archival version of the online design program

The Power NET + application obtained the download.pl certificate in September 2013

In December 2014, the Power NET + application received an award from the editorial office of Komputerswiat.pl

  • free mode of operation with the camera in 3D with the possibility of adjusting the view to a given direction, smoothly or to specific Cartesian projections (top down left right),
  • easy insertion of elements by the Drag & Drop method with the possibility of their precise adjustment to your expectations,
  • functions for handling the rotation and applying tiles to the walls and floor (horizontal and vertical layout) and an improved tile editing system in the tile properties window (45 or 90 degree rotation, changing the height of tile stripes),
  • new functions for editing joints – even more thicknesses and colors to choose from,
  • option to create any partition walls,
  • for kitchen bases, it is very convenient to bring objects together, which results in very efficient and quick building of the project,
  • in the case of a kitchen design, the function of showing collisions is also available (i.e. if one object enters another),
  • by default, the lights of objects and reflections in the designed room improve the visualization and saved project illustrations (they can be turned off if necessary, e.g. for very slow computers),
  • apart from the manufacturer’s databases, we offer proprietary databases to supplement the design, which are not included in the valuation,
  • an additional rich library of 3D models created on the basis of a universal database of interior design elements from the CAD Decor program (over 1000 such elements, i.e. room and bathroom furniture, doors, windows, tables, chairs, bathroom ceramics, accessories and decorations),
  • we provide the user with an extensive database of textures (floors, countertops, carpets),
  • all used equipment elements and ceramic tiles are automatically added to the list of elements used in the project (in the list itself they are divided into sections, e.g. “cabinets” or “tiles”, which can be excluded from the list if necessary),
  • producer models are subject to valuation, which allows for a preliminary cost estimate in accordance with the manufacturer’s price list,
  • the application allows two methods of pricing: when starting the program, the entire price list is displayed or the application will ask for individual prices when dragging them to the project scene),
  • the program is available in several language versions (Polish, English, German, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian) with the possibility of extending it with other languages,
  • technical installation documentation generated from the project.

Detailed information on the application possibilities as part of b2b cooperation can be found at netdecor.cadprojekt.com.pl!

What does a producer need?


ANY web server
A simple HTTP server is enough.
You don’t even need PHP.


You do NOT need a database server
Our database is based on ordinary files.

What does the application user need?


CURRENT web browser
Recommended: Chrome or Firefox
(the browser should be updated to the latest version)


Graphics Card
With WebGL 2.0 support

Detailed information on netdecor.cadprojekt.com.pl!

3D designing with Power NET+ is possible at the following websites:

  • www.forte.pleasy online design application called  “Planuj z Forte”

  • www.brw.com.pl – designing in 3D Creator using Black Red White Furniture 

  • www.pilch.pl – the program for designing interiors CAD Decor Light with polish well known tiles producer – Pilch


In September 2013 our program has been granted an award pobierz.pl !


In December 2014 our program has been granted an award by Komputerswiat.pl!

  • 2 work modes: 2D perpendicular view from above and from the 4 cardinal points, in which the dimensioning is displayed, and 3D orbital mode, in which the position of the camera can be dynamically changed in arranged space in real time
  • easy and convenient inserting furniture and equipment – is done by a simple drag & drop method, and models can be automatically placed right next to a wall or in any other location in the room
  • function of collision analysis enables to maintain the precision and realism of the project, not letting to insert more than one object in one location (the function can be freely turn on and off, e.g. to place chairs under the table)
  • a completely new function of turning on lights and displaying reflections (for mirrors and floor tiles), which adds a great deal to the final result of visualization and makes illustrations look very naturally
  • a large database of textures – floors, kitchen worktops, linoleum, upholstery materials and others, which can be easily applied to various objects in the design
  • all used elements of equipment and ceramic tiles are automatically added to the summary report of used elements
  • in addition, models from producers’ databases are valuated and a preliminary valuation is generated, accordingly to the particular producer’s price-list
  • operation faster and more intuitive than ever before
  • new, modern and more friendly interface
  • a novelty feature of displaying lighting and realistic reflections
  • additional extensive database of 3D models, created on the basis of universal interior design elements database available in CAD Decor (over 1000 elements such as: upholstered and living-room furniture, bathroom and kitchen furnishings and equipment, household appliances and electronics, doors and windows, tables and chairs, ceramics and fittings, additions and decorations)
  • new camera features, including 3 kinds of spatial, rotating animations and regulation of camera’s angle
  • a function of zooming in a selected area
  • new functions of applying and rotating tiles on walls and the floor (horizontal or vertical layout), more efficient edition of tiles in the tiles properties window (rotation by 45 or 90 degrees, change of tiles stripes height)
  • new options of grouts edition – more colours and thickness ranges to choose from
  • an option of creating your own, rotary partition walls of any dimensions

Below we provide examples of projects of kitchen, bathroom, living room and the entire apartment. Before we start designing our interior ourselves, we should practice on already completed projects. In this way, the easier and faster we understand the functionality and capabilities of Power NET+ 2012.

For the following projects to be loaded into Power NET+ 2012:

  • open the Power NET+ 2012 application,
  • save the following files in the selected folder on your computer,
  • select the “Load project from disk” function in the Power NET+ 2012 application – the button in the lower left corner of the start menu,
  • choose from the list of files selected project and load it into the application.

Example of a kitchen project

Example of a bathroom project

Example of a living room project

Exemplary design of the whole apartment

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