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REBUS, SPRING, KOLIBER – new products in the database of 3D models from the LUXRAD brand

The Luxrad brand was founded in 2007. From the beginning, all production takes place in Poland. Luxrad creates the highest quality products with modern design, ergonomics and safety. The company has the widest range and gives the possibility to make a radiator on a special order. The brand has introduced a lot of interesting news to its offer:

SPRING – is a decorative radiator with a slim appearance. The shape of the waves around the tube gives it characteristic features. It is available in both vertical and horizontal versions. Going further, we can also choose a specific colour that interests us, using the RAL palette and other available colours.

REBUS – The main advantage of the radiator is the housing made of architectural concrete. It is simple in form, playing only on the proportions, colour and texture of the material. In addition, while maintaining the lightest weight, strength and rigidity possible, it has adequate heat accumulation properties. It is available in vertical and horizontal version. In addition, the colours of the REBUS radiator are white, gray and black.

The KOLIBER radiator is unique – it looks different from each side. The irregular shape of the pipes gives us an optical illusion, consisting of the impression that on one side Koliber is wide and on the other slim. Light in shape. It was made of a round tube. The height of the basic model is 150 cm. In addition, the radiator can be in a variety of colours.

COLUMNUS – Radiators in this series are characterized by a combination of classic and modern. Thanks to their curved shapes, they can be used in any interior. The modular design gives a wide range of arrangement possibilities. Going further, we can also choose any colour using the RAL pattern book and the special LUXRAD colour palette.

NIAGARA with a glass cover with graphics – a radiator and a picture in one? Nothing stands in the way, because the NIAGARA model with a glass cover and selected graphics will combine two functions: heating and decorative. Niagara’s construction consists of flat panels with rounded edges, to which a tempered glass cover with graphics or a photo is precisely attached. The radiator can be personalized by selecting any image. It is only up to us what will appear on the radiator: one of the graphics or own design proposed by Luxrad. From now on, any interior can decorate and heat a unique product. We have recently expanded the number of available graphics by working with Michał Sadowski, thus supporting the Wrocław hospice for children.

More heaters can be seen at

The Luxrad database is distributed with CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens. You can also download it using the internet updater or by clicking the link below.

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