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Rediscover your home spa with Novellini

Outside the window, it’s still winter, but we have a way for it. In these circumstances, we recommend a visit to the steam sauna from the SKILL collection. Its good effect will cause that the stuffy nose will breathe in thanks to inhalations, the skin will wonderfully moisturize, the mind will relax thanks to music and light therapy, and the body will relax and warm up.

In addition to 4 collections of steam cabins, Novellini offers many interesting solutions in the field of shower cabins. The KUADRA H walk-in cabins used in private as well as in hotel bathrooms enjoy unabated popularity. Enrich them with fashionable loft prints or run your imagination and create your own InArt project. Among the classic solutions, we especially recommend the YOUNG 2.0 series with minimalist design and black profiles and a melodic OPERA with a dual soft-closing system. To make everything look aesthetically we also recommend a conglomerate NOVOSOLID or acrylic CUSTOM TOUCH with stone texture. The offer will be complemented by FLAG or FLOW shower panels and a wide range of bathroom accessories.
However, if you like to sometimes laze in a bathtub, we have a rich amount of solutions for you in the collections DIVINIA or CALOS.

With Novellini, you can create an elegant and timeless bathroom in a simple and fast way with a touch of Italian design tailored to your individual needs, because you are the centre of our attention! For details, please visit the website.

The Novellini database is distributed with CAD Decor, CAD Decor PRO and CAD Kitchens. You can also download it using the online updater or by clicking the link below.

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