Render PRO


ender PRO is a modern tool for a very advanced interiors visualization. Its main task is ensuring a perfect quality of the visualization in a relatively short calculation time. It is an integral part of CAD Decor PRO and an additional module with CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens. In addition, from March 2018, the obserVeR application works with Render PRO. It allows you to browse projects created in our programs in the form of a virtual walk on your computer monitor or using the VR 3D HTC Vive goggles.

The time necessary to render the scene is now significantly shorter, thanks to cooperation of the graphic card processor (GPU) and the multicore modern processors (CPU). Two main tasks of the Render PRO Module are the advanced computations of Global Illumination (GI): Radiosity (a method of calculation of diffused light) and Ray tracing (analysis of reflected and refracted rays).

Radiosity – the main advantage of our method that makes it better then other methods of calculation of Global Illumination is that once calculated light distribution is remembered and therefore it is possible to view the rendered scene from any point of view without additional computations. It is very important, especially in regards to creating videos. The ‘Radiosity’ pane is also the most important tool responsible for the main calculations of indirect light. The process of calculations is interactive – after pressing the START button the user can still modify light settings by switching to the ‘Scene’ tab and freely change light parameters (its colour, intensity, range and cone angle). Going back to the ‘Render Pro’ tab will result in refreshing the global illumination within a few seconds. It is also possible to change the properties of emissive materials, which influence the currently analyzed scene. In addition to that, while changing the emission level during the calculation process, the program will react within less then 20 seconds and display the influence of this change on the entire scene.

Ray tracing – is a technique used for calculating light rays reflected by the mirror-like objects and refracted by objects such as glass (refracting light). We offer 4 levels of Ray tracing quality, to make it possible for You to choose the most optimal ratio of calculation time and visual effects (1×1, 1×1 AA, 2×2 and 2×2 AA, when ‘AA’ stands for anti-aliasing and 1×1/2×2 for the number of rays passing through 1 pixel). This innovative method of calculation ensures a natural look of the scene, and makes all glass, metal and ceramic elements in it a real decoration.

System and hardware requirements for Render PRO:

  • quad-core processor, e.g. Quad Core i5, i7 (on a dual-core processor the program operates slower)
  • minimum RAM memory: for Windows 32-bit – 4 GB (does not guarantee proper calculation results in big scenes), for Windows 64-bit – 8 GB (optimal RAM in case of big scenes: 16 GB)
  • recommended optimal configuration: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit, RAM: 16 GB, Procesor Intel Core i5 4690, i7 4790, i7 5930, karta Nvidia GeForce ****/ ***** (see table of exemplary graphic cards here)

Note!!! The proper operation of CAD Decor PRO, CAD Decor, CAD Decor Paradyż and CAD Kitchens programs is not guaranteed with other graphic cards than listed above.

Rendering time: 56 seconds
Graphic cards: GeForce GTX 1080, GeForce GTX 980 Ti
Resolution: Full HD
The number of surfaces: 286388

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