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Results of seventh edition of the “pearl” competition!

This year, in the “Competition for architects and interior designers – users of the CAD Decor program” there were fewer projects, but all had a special and common denominator. QUALITY, this is the word that was most often repeated during the Gala of the Laureates of the PERCE CERAMICS UE 2018 contest. The designers coped well with a completely new design task, creating unique projects that have been in great demand in recent years -> apartment 65.75 m2 for a young family in a multi-generational home and an office for a start-up from the IT industry – 54,82 m2.

A few days ago, on February 21 this year in Warsaw, the Gala of the Laureates of the PEARLS of CERAMICS UE 2018 contest took place, which has been organized since 2004 by the quarterly “Wokół Płytek Ceramicznych” and since 2012 together with our company. The fifteenth jubilee edition of the competition took place under the honorary patronage of the Association of Polish Architects, and the partner of the Laureates’ Gala was the company Miior Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. – a manufacturer of elegant and functional mirrors, which were also presented to the laureates of our “pearl” competition. At the ceremonial Gala in the classical interiors of the Warszawski Dom Technika NOT, guests of honor appeared: Jerzy Grochulski, First Vice President of the Association of Polish Architects (SARP), Krzysztof Piątek, Deputy Chief Construction Supervision Inspector for construction products and supervision of the Main Office of Construction Supervision (GUNB), Grzegorz Stiasny, Vice President, for the work of the Association of Polish Architects (SARP).

For us, the most important was the presence of designers who appeared to receive their awards: 1st prize – Albert Greczkowski from Tarnów, 2nd prize – Łukasz Wojciech Dzierżyński from Mińsk Mazowiecki and 3rd prize – Samanta Agnieszka Michalewicz from Zielona Góra. The winning project of Albert Greczkowski was chosen by the competition jury quite unanimously. No wonder, because it stands out with its unique concept, very professional presentation and technical documentation made in the latest version of our CAD Decor PRO 3.0 program. A conceptual design of an open office for a self-sufficient 7-person office conquered our hearts. In a similar office, we could work. The second place was given to the project by Łukasz Wojciech Dierżyński – apartments for a family of four, living on the upper floor of a multi-family house. Despite the small space, it was possible to create a fully functional, unobvious and cosy apartment. The interior was designed in a modern style with elements of industrial style and recently popular elements such as a wood-tile floor, arranged in French herringbone. Laureate of the third place – Samanta Michalewicz faced with the business task. The assumption of the concept was to create a modern space for a young 7-person team, which, of course, succeeded. Interestingly, space is divided into three zones and two subzones, each of them has individually selected ceramic tiles, at the same time defining communication routes.

After the official part, we still had time to discuss projects and the dynamic market of ceramic tiles or the entire interior design industry. We had to share our laureates with the representatives of ceramic tile manufacturers and industry publishers because their unique designs attracted a lot of interest and congratulations. This is a positive confusion around the winners in our competition and we were very happy. It is the implementation of one of the competition assumptions, that is, the association and “making friends” of the ceramic tiles industry with the world of interior designers at the highest level and in an appropriate atmosphere of respect and understanding. Congratulations once again to all winners and participants of the competition! We present your work with great satisfaction and pleasure. See the PEARLS of CERAMICS UE 2018 competition presentation!

In the PEARLS of CERAMICS UE 2018 competition, 34 titles Pearls of Ceramics UE 2018, 11 titles of Pearls of Ceramics of Distributors 2018 and 3 titles Pearls of Ceramics of Designers – users of CAD Decor 2018 were granted. The largest number of nominations and awards for the Opoczno brand collections was given to Cersanit S.A, which was honored with the Great Pearl of Ceramics UE 2018. Download our database PEARLS of CERAMICS UE 2018 and use carefully selected and prepared collections, inspired by the best designs!

Collections awarded with the title of PEALR OF CERAMICS UE 2018, PEARL OF CERAMICS OF DISTRIBUTORS 2018 and PEARL OF CERAMICS OF DESIGNERS – users of CAD Decor 2018 (INDUSTRIO by MONOLITH, HOUSE OF TONES by Tubądzin Group and Mozaika by Dunin Sp. z o.o.) you can find in the online updater, CAD Decor PRO , CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens with Ceramic Tiles Module and on our website with databases under the name of PEARL OF CERAMICS UE 2018.

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